25 September 2006

Sunday September 24th...

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The first official Creative Sunday of Fall...whoopie!

I personally got started right in (after making the muffins for the baby shower) by making a runner to drape over my "mantle". I say "mantle" because the one thing this house doesn't have that I wish it did, is a fireplace. Which I think is a little odd because the house was built in 1926, and it's a bit on the chilly side up here in Northern AZ...Usually these older homes have fireplaces (then again my first home, a 1914 craftsman didn't have one either, of course, it was only 700 sq. Ft. So there really wasn't too much room for one) so, I kind of "built" myself a little fireplace...And I now joyfully decorate the mantle each season, or really for every holiday!

I made this runner with a little pumpkin design on one side, for Halloween, and then a little Snoopy and Woodstock Thanksgiving material on the other side, so I can flip it over after next month...Not that I'm a huge Peanuts fan, but it just caught my eye. I attatched two little green and cream tassels to the end as well. I got the snoopy material at JoAnn's and was able to buy the reminant piece (almost a yard) for 86 cents ( I love it when that happens!) and the pumpkin material for $1/yard. I have a bit left over as well...If anyone wants anything made out of it, let me know.

The completion of the runner inspired me to then drag out all the Halloween decorations, and decorate the mantle and the outside of the house! (pictures of that later)

I then whipped up this little table cloth for the kitchen as well. It has silly witches on it flying around and says "punch it broomzelda!" I got the material a long time ago at a thrift and have never finished the edges...So, today was the day! I had enough material left over to make a small runner for my mom's entry way/alter for her home too...

Rozzilyn's project:
Mama picked up a Clickit at a yard sale, so she jumped in and created a really cute bag and jewelry...

These are little kits made by Legos, super cute and fun too!

This is the back of the bag...With a sneaky Rozz behind it!

My mother embroidered her new pillowcase project...no pictures yet, but it's going to be an interesting project as the pillowcase is on a bit of material that is about 6 feet long. We're guessing that it's that long so that you can cut it and adjust it to whatever size pillow you happen to be covering?

And...If I may show you my wonderful Equinox gifts?
(I thought so)

An amazing apron with little round jumping and flying birds...My Gosh this thing it cute...I giggle (and drool) over it everytime I look at it! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head to create these little guys in 3-D...Maybe some sort of fall garland? With felt? Oh boy...I'll tell you, I am excited!
And a great book called Simple Knits With a Twist...Which I am anxious to get started on...Boy, I need to sleep less...Or get some more hours and squeeze them into the day!

Here's a bit of a close up of these darling little guys.

Now, off to a bit of an afternoon rest before I get started on anymore projects (like finding a home for all the stuff that's sitting around the living room!)

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