23 September 2006

The First Song...

This is the very first song at the Musicians In The Making recital that Rozzilyn was performing in today...It was such an insane and bizarre day at the shop, that the hour I got to sneak away was a welcome relief!
Rozzie, of course, did amazing...I am always so proud and a little choked up whenever I see her perform. My mom, true to form, sat and cried throughout the recital...It could've been the violins in the beginning playing Pachelbel's Canonette in D, which I think is certainly a tear jerker (as I was having a hard time not sniffling myself) but, she was always a crier during any of my performances. She would sit and sob during the half time at the football games when I was in high school as I was performing as a flag girl with the band. Kind of silly, and I did used to take it personally like, "gheeze mom, didn't you think I could do anything?" but, now I understand that you can just be so proud of your children, or the children in your family, that it's hard not to just cry with joy!
The recital was really inspiring because there seemed to be such a showcase of very talented kids involved in this recital...And quite a few homeschoolers! ow...In between the baby shower I'm attending and Creative Sunday...I will upload the second song!

The Recital September 23 on Vimeo

I am sooo sorry, but I can not get the sound and the video to cue up together...you'll have to watch this and imagine what it would be like if it was all cued up (grumble grumble!)


Keith said...

Rozzilyn did just great. And Sadie did some pretty good cinematography too. Nice job girls!

Susan said...

Thanks so much for doing the video. Guess what? It made me cry!


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