24 September 2006

The Second Song...

Well, as promised...I am putting the second song of yesterday's recital up for your enjoyment! It seems a little weird for me to be blogging during the weekend, as I usually take it off...But I've done so much this weekend! I don't exactly know why the sound is off, maybe I need to learn how to edit these clips (oh joy...a new skill!)Until then, close your eyes or mute it or something!

Last night I went "out on the town" (he he he) with my good friend Dina. We went to see a band called The High Rollers...a rockabilly good time! Although, we usually have a wonderful time together, and if I remember correctly, we've been friends for about 25 years and have been friends longer than we haven't. In fact, I once attended a birthday party for her that had a Cabbage Patch theme. Our mother's were partners in an antique business in town, and while we are not exactly the same age we're pretty close...And have shared a lot of fun life experiences together. We spent most of the evening walking around town scoping out what was up...Good exercise, and a great way to find out that a wonderful female rockabilly band is playing in Oct. Lil' Bit and the Cusotmatics that we want to see as well. Yay...Getting out of the house is fun thanks squirrelfriend!

I did attend the baby shower this morning as well, and had a wonderful time (that huge box is filled with baby clothes I found at a wonderful yard sale...I hand sewed the little card on the top, and as my potluck dish to share...I made pumpkin muffins! Ah yes, fall has officially arrived. I live for this time of year and my pumpkin muffins. Especially when I get out my muffin tins...Ones that are so vintage they have a cute design in them...I have two that I've collected from different yard sales (no more than 50 cents a piece I might add) Even Rozzilyn tried a muffin during Creative Sunday today (more projects posted tomorrow) and said that it was the best thing I'd ever made. Which I will certainly take as a compliment seeing as she usually doesn't try anything without icing on it...And looks at us as if we're trying to poison her whenever we suggest it...Which usually means even more chocolate and fun stuff for the rest of us! (darn)

Here is Rozzie's second song...

Recital 09/23...song two on Vimeo

I'm off...I've got a hair appointment as 7:15 tomorrow. Sometime I may actually sleep in on a day off, but I hate to waste any time sleeping when I could be running errands or cleaning the house (ha!)


Susan said...

Um....actually she had 2 muffins-one when you turned your back!Thanks again for doing the video. sniff sniff

Jolene George said...

I'm really wanting a pumpkin muffin now! They look soooo good!
That was nice of you to bring a whole box of baby clothes to the shower. I'm sure it was appreciated. I'm glad the recital went well.


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