19 September 2006

Skirt #2...Fall Collection

Wa-Hoo! New Skirt...
This is a close-up of all the material that I used for this particular skirt. The bulk is a lovely cotton vintage material that I rescued from a rather large and ugly dress, paired with a vintage plaid wool, from a little skirt (that I washed and it did not felt)...Joined together with a lovely dark grey/silver ribbon. And for a little fun, I dug around in the small box that I keep the crochet circles that my grandmother has made for me and found a red one and a white one with silver running through it!
(I love last minute inspiration)

I sewed little pleats all around the waist band to make it fit my waist better, although I must admit that it doesn't fit exactly perfect...But it will do! (I need to take a class to learn how to fit clothing better) I made the waist band out of the same plaid material as the bottom trim...

And don't you think it goes well with my vintage red heels?
(Like I need and excuse to wear those!)

I would love to wear it today, but it is apparently going to be 83 degrees (yes, it was 39 last night)...I also bought some black leggings this weekend to wear under it so I can wear it throughout the winter. I am also working on some plaid wool elbow patches for a oversized grey cashmere sweater I have to wear with it as well...
toasty warm, yet stylish, don't you think?


Jolene George said...

I think it's very pretty! You did a great job on it. Sadly I can only sew paper and halloween costumes. Nothing that actually has to fit good. :o) You will be stylish and warm this winter.

Keith said...

The red shoes are hot.....:)


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