01 September 2006


Well...I'm Starving (funny, at the end of the day I can usually make it home just fine...But today, I almost didn't) which is a little odd, as I brought the regular amount of food to work. The only thing I can attribute it to is the fact that I got up this morning and hiked up Thumb Butte with my mom. We've been hiking Thumb Butte on Saturdays after yard sales, as the yard sales here lately have been a little ho-hum. It takes us about an hour, and is a pretty challenging trail for us...And a great way to start the day!

I also had a bit of a late night as my good friend Dina and I went out for coffee and talkies at The Raven Cafe...This new really great wine/beer/coffee bar in town that also happens to make the most outrageous sweet potato fries! We've actually been friends for almost 26 years...And it was wonderful to reconnect with her.

She has a gorgeous son, and is wanting to re-do his bedroom for him in a cowboy theme...So, I volunteered my services...And a feather comforter and iron bed that I happen to have laying around the house! I love that I can find good homes for these things...Because they need to be with someone else now, and I know that they'll appreciate them.

The monkey quilt is almost done...Well, with the quilting part anyway...And I am anticipating finishing it up tonight (we'll see)

I'm working on special "No Leaving the Property" Labor day Monday...Which will consist of me watching movies or programs all day preferably in my PJ's...Eating yummy snacks and just totally relaxing. Which, as I can tell, is going to take quite a bit of preparation on my part, and running to various stores to set it all up before Monday actually arrives.

I'll keep you posted, because I really think all the planning will be worth it!


Susan said...

Nice picture of the Butte!

dina said...

I had THE absolute BEST time with you on Thursday! Thanks again for the wonderful chat and yummy nibbles. We must do it again.

I need to schedule a time to pick up the bed. I'm almost done painting Niko's room, thank goodness. I'll call you tonight.


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