31 August 2006

I have nothing to wear...

Ok...Anyone who knows me, knows that's not entirely true! Since I own a resale clothing store, I ususally have something to wear. But, as I walked into the craft room this morning, I glanced upon the pile of tees with designs that need to be collaged and sewn on them...And since I have the red thread in the machine because of all the quilting that is being done around here, I whipped this top up really quick...

This design isn't as detailed as the other tees I made...Because I really enjoy the simplicity. I love that both the top is striped, and the "serenity" bird design has stripes behind it as well! And, I decided to sew my tag on top of the striped fabric, since I thought they compliment each other so very well!

PS...YAY about Project Runway!!

1 comment:

sulu-design said...

Cute shirt transformation! I'm reading your blog for the first time (I found it by way of your comment on Inside a Black Apple) and am enjoying it. I'll be visiting again soon!


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