07 August 2006

Sunday August 6th...


  • Rozzie
  • Sadira
  • Steven
  • Susan

(kind of an "S" name day!)

We got a little bit of a late start today, as my mother's neighbor just had a baby on Friday, and it was her first morning home...And well, their other little one was having a bit of a hard time fitting in with what was going on over there...So she came over to my mom's house to play for a little bit! She's a sweet girl, and we were wishing that she'd had a nap so she could come over and play...Maybe next time!
So, when everyone got here...I made
The Hazelnut Romance.

really liked it...
So much so, that at one point, I was trying to figure out if the glass on the coffee table was mine, or the one on the counter...

so I asked:

"Is that one mine, or yours?"

and she calmly replied:

"It's mine, and I have scissors in my hand, if you try to take it...I will stab you"
(it's always the calm focusness that scares you isn't it?)

I mean, I had a little left over in the blender, and when I went to refresh our drinks, the shoving of the glass under the blender, with no words at all makes you KNOW that this is the good stuff!!
Plus, with mostly decaf and soy milk, it's a wonderful treat (and healthier too!) And when Steven joined us, I could tell he was happy that we were enjoying his creation!

My mom was working on making a patchwork (and later to be quilted) market bag...She was laughing at herself because we were worried about having enough sewing machines to sew all that was going on over here...Not to worry though, it took so long to cut the strips for her bag, and get them ready...I was done with my sewing projects!

And look at that shrinkage when she sewed all the strips together (those seams...Who thinks of that?) Although, we are experienced sewers, it's hard to remember everything! And, I'm wanting to make a picnic quilt, and a quilted bag myself, so it was a wonderful reminder! The fabric that she is using for this bag is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to show a closeup picture when it's done!

Rozzie was working on a shop manifesto...meaning that this was a document of sorts, outlining what was going on in the shop she's creating!

I love this girl, not only is she amazingly beautiful, but extremely talented!

And finally...Me!
I really accomplished a lot today (yes, even before the caffeine part of the day, thank you!)

First: A little cover for my Nano!

I absolutely adore this small whale corduroy number fabric. Rozzie helped me pick it out at JoAnn's last weekend. Some of the fabric has ink stains on it, so I was able to get the yardage for 60% off (which made me buy a little more than I started off wanting to buy...But how could I resist?) This cover just slides right over the hard plastic cover that I have on the Nano (because I love this little piece of my life soooo much, I am paranoid that I may accidentally break it...apparently they break easy!) I had to make 2 because the first one I made didn't have enough of the yellow and green numbers in it, but luckily Rozzilyn took the other one off my hands!

I also made another green floral bag for the shop...BAG UPDATE:

I sold the blue one with squares first, then sold the green floral and the last pirate bag on Sat. right at the end of the day! So, there's going to be all these girls at school (that started today) carrying my creations around (wa-hoo!) I am honored beyond belief!

AND, I made this linen skirt, with sweet little pink and blue flowers all over it, and then a border of pink flowers with pink sequins along the bottom ($3.99/yard at a fabric sale..Again, who could resist?) Because of the border along the bottom, I couldn't figure out how to cut it so it would look more like a 1940's circle skirt, so it dips into little V's...Odd, but I like it!

Meena helped me out by holdig my pattern to the fabric so I could cut it out!

And finally...I painted wings on a hoodie for Steven, so everyone will know he's an angel when he goes off to college this month (sniff, sniff...Happy for him, but sad for me...Luckily though, it's just up to Flag!)

Phew...it was a busy day for all...And super fun, as always!
I'm so lucky that I have so many wonderful participants each week...
It is inspiring!


thatgirldina said...

I am in love with this sweater Sadie! You need to start making and selling these...AMAZING!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Love the skirt you made! :)


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