16 August 2006


...A Foot Massage!

Seriously...I have been on my feet all day at the shop for the past 2 days...Digging myself out from under these various piles of clothing...And just when I thought I was making a dent...Several more people would run in with even more stuff for me to buy!

It all started Monday, when my mom called me at about 3:30 to say that she had a lot of clothes come in...So I popped down (because she sounded a little overwhelmed) and there was a large pile on the counter and 2 large ones in various places on the floor...
So, I just organized clothes for a little bit...And came up with 2 large piles on the floor and one large one on my chair!

So, they were waiting for me to price them on Tuesday when I came into work...Let's just say that there is no room on the $1 rack outside, or the men's sale rack...And I've used up all my pants hangars...

Now, don't get me wrong, because I am absolutely not complaining, I just happened to be tired and achey (heeheehee) although, I have a lot of new great stuff in the shop right now, which I love to offer to all my customers...And incidentally, a lot of new great stuff in my own wardrobe (which I love to offer myself, because it's so fun having new clothes!) And, by the time I left work today, I almost could see the floor by my chair! Talk about progress!

Also, on the quilt front, I had a fun burst of energy after my walk today and sewed the back and border/binding together...And now for the layout...I think I will attempt to do that tonight, as Project Runway is on, and I always seem to get a burst of creative energy on Wednesday nights!

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Amy said...

Oooh, cool!! I think I shall be by the store tomorrow - I've still got some credit to spend!



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