03 August 2006

Collaging Tees

Well...I was busy collaging tees today, and the better part of tonight sewing it all together!

This is the before tee:

I loved this tee to begin with, the little metallic silver detailing and the designs of the skull and Tinkerbell...I did not; however, love the work TINK all in silver paint...I thought it was Disney-tacky!
(who wears this stuff? OH, well...Me, I guess...Only redesigned!)


An extra large letter A...Because I loved the color and the font. And quite a bit of pieces of another tee I found and fell in love with the design, but not the yellowing of the underarm stains (ewwww!) So, it called to be cut up and redesigned and sewn on...I'm telling you, this is super fun to do!

I first cut out the design I want to save and use, and then sew the design onto the tee...Sometimes I start out with a lot of margin and then after I sew close to the deign, I go back and trim it all up with the scissors! This one was a bit of a challenge because I was already working on a tee with a design that I wanted to use...So, I had to figure out how to work around it.

But, I have a confession to make, this was actually the first collage tee I've ever done...So I'm actually quite impressed with my effort and the way it turned out!

I'm excited to wear it!!!

Here are the tee details:

In between the daisy's (I cut out because there was an annoying logo that needed to leave, and sewed another piece of a tee) are the words to my favorite poem:

The Passionate Shepard to his love:

Come live with me and be my love,
and we will all the pleasures prove...


(an then there's The Nymphs Reply to the Shepard)


Well...I'm off to floss, my gums and mouth are feeling wonderful, and I'm looking forward to good floss and brush!!

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