22 August 2006

Creativity Exercise-a-Day

In the beginning...
Day One

Ok...So, Rhonna has a new challenge up...One that I definitely want to give a go! It is a Creativity Exercise-a-Day, which consists of (as far as I can tell) 10 days of creative challenges and to start it off was the challenge of using materials you wouldn't normaly use to be creative.

This really reminds me of a class I took in college to complete my degree (yes, I have a Creative Arts Advertising Degree, with a Psychology minor) When I switched my degree from psychology to Advertising...More importantly Creative Arts, I had to do a lot of art classes. There was a huge wall I had put up about art classes during and after high school, because I was so upset about having to do things the "right" way, and really leaving no room for my own creativity...Yes, the basics...But no room for me in them. So, I stopped being creative for quite a while there. Needless to say, I was really trying to take it slow and gentle with this art stuff...Sort of easing myself back into it...So to speak. I "accidentally" took a class with an amazing woman who recognized that I knew the basics and told me, and the 2 other students that I sat with "I trust you know what you're doing already...Do whatever you want, just make it fit with the assignments"


Later, I took a 3-D art class with her. In this class we had to stretch our creativity into things we may have never done before...Explore our creativity. She encouraged us instead of buying our supplies, to dig in the trash and use found objects...And I really was surprised with what I came up with! I don't have anything I made for that class anymore, but I remember all the projects. I felt sorry for the people who just turned in the same types of things over and over, because I was getting so much out of what I was doing. (there was this one pottery major that kept turning in these headless, armless, legless torsos...it was disturbing)

So, tonight at Oh Knit...We did glitter...

Something I haven't done in a long while. Mama and Rozzie helped me glitter and glue these frighteningly blingy Open and Closed signs for the shop:

And while they may be WHOA-BOY...I am already thinking of a whole slew of things I can glitter-up in my life...By the way, the skull fabric is for another project I'm working on...It's not part of the signs (that may just be too much!)


Rhonna said...

i love this whole 'art class' journey of yours..
I can totally relate on so many levels...
& breaking out is what it's all about, huh>?
you did it!
you are doing it...
love this!

hope this challenges & stretches you as much as it is me! :)
this is fun..thanks for joining me!

zoe said...

I think the signs are fantastic.
I'm enjoying the challenge too. I kept sayign I would join in one f the 21 day challenges but it was enver the right time. But 10 days? Heck, I can do THAT!


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