15 August 2006


Well...I've been trying for some time to upload some more video...But have not had any luck yet today...So, by default, I will tell you about my day instead!

I started out my day by hanging out with Ms. Rozz...As mama had a dentist appointment to reshape and save some teeth!

So, we ran down to the shop to drop off the daily supplies, and then went to the thrift to find some fun stuff, and then walked/ran among the trees at the square

...Threw a penny in the fountain and made a wi
sh...then off to the bank...And finally...back to open the shop! Mama picked up the Rozz...She was fine after the time at the dentist...And off they went!

I later met up with them at the other house for OH Knit...However, much like last week, we did a lot of other things besides crafting...Played with the neighbors next door, watching them paint, and me holding the new baby (sweet!)

I had actually hauled along all my quilt squares to do a preliminary layout design...But did not quite get to that. Last night, I finished cutting the border/binding for the back and pinned it all together, and although I know it will only take about 15 minutes to sew together, I haven't quite made it to the sewing machine either, I um...Keep finding myself sidetracked!

Ahhh Life...

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