28 August 2006

Sunday August 28th...


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Yipee!! Wonderful fun Creative Sunday...All the girls, lots of inspiration, and some actual creating! Megan and Kate joined in today, and we all sat about and talked and got on the computer and shared all the things we've been doing and seeing around the world lately! I made Hazelnut Romances for the group...

and inbetween everything, we managed to make and eat a delicious lunch...Salad, veggies with guacamole and tortillas with hummus... My mom and I both made desserts (one to eat then and one for me to take to Kate's that night for Cribbage) I made the apple pie to take-away, and Mom made the apple cake...a French recipe from Joy of Cooking without eggs...Super healthy, and really rich and yummy! We both used...You guessed it...her apples, however, she climbed up in the accidental apple tree in my yard (one that sits in the back in a weird spot, and is watered by my grey water from the washing machine...Don't worry, I only use organic detergent) and got quite a few apples as well, so...I think something apple-ie is still on it's way!

I made this hoodie for Kate (as she requested it a long time ago, although it took me all this time to find a good hoodie for her) It is perfect because she lives in a warmer part of the state...and not only does it look good with a tank...but, I think it would look devine with long sleeves under it as well!

And, for whatever reason...this painting was so fast and fun, I really did more flowy things with it this time...and it really helped me fulfill Rhonna's challenge of the day for speed!

Rozzilyn worked on a family photo album she's putting together (she may be the only one in the family that is into organizing photos...you go girlie!)

And, at some point, I wandered into the living room and found my mom under her embroidery project...

I found the time to whip up this bag also in the later part of the afternoon...I adore the Day Of The Dead material, and I actually found it at JoAnn's...this bag is for a member of my family who shall remain nameless...but will probably read the blog before I get it sent off...but you know who you are!!!

Kate worked on some new socks she's knitting (which I did not take a picture of...boo!) And Megan came to check everything out, connect and inspire! I am certainly hoping she'll find her way back as well...She is an extremely talented jewelry maker, and I have always been inspired by her continuous creative work...Anyway, she'd better come back, especially if she wants to learn how to embroider!

I ended the day by dragging myself off the bed where I was laying giggling with Mom and Rozzie...And heading to Kate's for dinner, a walk and cribbage. I love cribbage, and, I was just saying the other day, how much I really wanted to play again...and here was my opportunity! I also got to play with Zora...who is teething with those nasty 2 year molars...poor baby, but it didn't stop her from giggling and having fun!

Today I was up early hiking my 4 miles on Peavine (as a treat for myself) then in for an eye exam...where my eyes, are actually doing better (odd)...and as another treat for myself...new glasses! I can't wait to get them (14 days...sigh)...and now I'm off to Kate's for the afternoon with more food and hazelnut romances!

PHEW...I love this!

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