04 August 2006

Collaging Tee roll...

Yes...I'm on a roll! I was so excited to get started and finished with my next tee that I postponed my morning walk to the afternoon (which was good, because it's raining quite a bit!) AND besides, I wanted something to wear when My Pal Amy (who is back from Mexico, and starting her new job today...Good luck!) and I go out on Saturday.

Yes, "out"


I don't know...

it's one of those, you know there's
so much to do here, it will be hard to choose (hardy-har-har!)
Before Tee:

Love the style of this one right off the bat...a mustard colored v-neck with a neat wide band at the bottom...Plain and in need of some sort of decoration, don't you think?


I had a harder time with this design and layout, because I had so much that I wanted to use, and had a hard time narrowing it down...

Plus, the big piece on the right was sooo big, that I had a hard time picturing what it would look like until I really sewed it on there and created the shape!

And here's the back...With my tag, and a little black and white treadle sewing machine image! I loved that, and used the same image incorporated with another design on the front...But HAD to use it on the back too!

I did accidentally sew it a little left of the middle, so I just "pretended" that I meant to do that, and off-set the tag as well! Quite often I just go with my mistakes, and fall in love with my projects
(And that, mother,
is why I usually end up liking everything I create!)



Love the crosses and the angels! And there's a little birdie on the design on the left that is a swooner

(I need to do a better close-up, however I need a better camera...So if anyone needs gift ideas...Hint hint!)


I will be sure to take a picture of me in the tee before I "go out" on Sat...And I'll take a picture of me in the other one too!!

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Amy said...

Ooohh!!! I want one! I want one! I LOVE these T's!!!



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