07 August 2006

Rozzilyn's First Recital!

Yes, I did blog about this a while back...however, I couldn't figure out how to send the clip to anyone at all...but, that all changed today when I visited
Kate's site and she directed me to Vimeo for video hosting...I know, can you stand it???


Rozzilyn's very first Recital! on Vimeo

Wow...perhaps I will now be running around with my video option shooting with the camera now too!!!

The possibilities are certainly endless aren't they?


Susan said...

yay, you! yay, technology!

Kate said...

Cool, I see you wasted no time in utilizing your newfound discovery (neither did I!) I never take pictures with my camera anymore, because I use all the space on videos.
I may be coming for another visit at the end of the month. More creative sunday and oh knit?


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