10 August 2006

WIP (and more bags)

Yes, I know I am a day early for Work in Progress...But not around here! I've been cracking the proverbial whip (on myself...Because the cat just looks at me funny when I try it on her) and sewing up a storm...Including while on the phone with my father (who was calling from Hawaii...Have a good time dad!)

I was feeling nervous because I have only 3 bags available in the store...And I don't want to get flaky about my bag success...So, I made 2 more...And washed a pile of vintage fabric, and it's laying there folded (right sides together) waiting to be cut and sewn. I am hoping that the cobblers fairies or gnomes or whatever they were will visit me at some point and get to all that cutting!

Then maybe they'll clean the house?


Hey, during the beginning of Project Runway, not only did I (finally...After a week, because it's time to do it again for this week) folded the clean laundry...And changed the sheets on my bed! (the cat hasn't moved off of the clean bed since last night...I may have to move her box, water and food in there...You know I lay all huddled on my side um...Edge, and she stretches out for her "side" um...The rest of the bed) And the Project Runway? Just let me say that I was super happy about who won, because I think he's talented and kind of been flying under the radar...Although, I love Alison, and am wondering when she's going to get a break? Well...I suppose that is the way of the world in "reality TV"...Not much reality! But, I think both her and Jeffery are both super tallented and more in the pulse with what's going on in the real world...but, then again, they didn't ask me to be a super celebrity judge now did they?

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Jolene George said...

Good luck getting more bags made. I bet they sell quick...which in turn will keep you even busier...hummm...and why are kitties such bed hogs? :o)


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