02 August 2006

A Pain in the...ummm...Mouth!

Well, the early morning dentist appointment went off without a hitch! (yawn)

I know...Hold your applause.

I did sit in the chair and have the plaque scraped off (under the gum line thank you) my teeth for a better part of an hour. Not as bad as one might think, but it's left me with a dull aching pain in my mouth all day. So, I have a bit of a headache and an upset tummy and am tired from that little pain in the mouth. However, I am happy to report that I have no cavities and nothing else wrong with my mouth...Well, nothing that daily flossing, brushing and 6 month cleanings won't help! Which was surprising to me as I haven't been to the dentist in a...Ahem, long time.

So...Here is my new blue tooth brush (free from the dentist...Which I totally forgot they did) saying farewell to my old pink stand by!

OK...The wear and tear of my day is suddenly evident to me...I am off to rest and eat some soup (just what one wants in 83 degree weather, but the only softie food I happen to have in the house...apparently I am a crunchy kinda' gal!) ohh...and Junior Mints (they're softie too right? It's been my summer addiction this year, those MINTS! mmmmm...) and watch some TV...Including Project Runway

...I am extremely anxious about the drama this week!

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Saucy said...

I am a staunch anti-dentite. My first cleaning in three years (gross, right? I know?) was horrendus but I've kept it up. Found your blog via wardrobe refashion. Love the tee shirts, I'm just doing the same sort right now.


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