17 August 2006

Astrology bags

I wanted to post these 2 bags...They are both a bit unusual in the sense that they are astrological!

The square one on the left has the 12 signs all in coins with little fortunes on the backs of them...My sister found this at the thrift when she was here visiting...And
MADE me buy it (yeah right!)

And the one on the right the odd shaped wooden one is hand made and says:

To: T.S
From: M.B.
Durham, NC 1970

Written on the inside of the lid with gold ink (no less) and lined in red velvet! If you're wondering, the little signs are cut out and shellacked on with sayings like "I'm Pices, I'm sensitive" and "I'm cancer, I'm sympathetic" and "I'm Virgo, I'm particular" and "I'm Aries, I'm fabulous"
(ok...I made that one up, can you tell which sign I am?)

Total Money spent:
enjoyment gazing at them:

Quilt update: Last night I got rockin' on the quilt and sewed up all the little squares, and just need to sew the 9 patches (and 12 patches...because of the measurment of the squares) to each other...and then, both the front and back of the quilt will be ready to be basted together with the batting and quilted! I did this right before the Project Runway episode that kind of pissed me off! Grrrr...I can't believe Alison is off...she is so cute and tallented. But luckily I'll bet after all this exposure someone in the fashion industry will just snap her right up! And as my sister says...they just really want ready to wear people on there...and then when the contestants make anything ready to wear they say their too boring...and if it's anything creative they freak out (mostly because Michael Koors won't be able to copy it!)

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