14 August 2006

Sunday August 13th...

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We woke up to sunny skies that quickly turned into rainy fun! It was dark, cool, and wet...YAY!!

Rozzie decided today would be the day she would try sewing with a needle...She received a wonderful new sewing basket along with a kit that consisted of needles, pins, a pin cushion, a thimble and scissors (all pink I'll have you know) So, mama helped her cut out a pattern for a skirt for her little doll...And explained seams and sewing things inside out (I can remember thinking that was a weird concept when I learned to sew...In fact, I still think it is) then she showed her how to thread the needle, knot it...And helped her put on a thimble so that she could then poke the wrong finger with the needle and decide that indeed, today was not the day she would sew with a needle! She did sew up one side of the skirt...And with a little more help from mama (including the dreaded "darts" in the skirt...)
they made this:

Certainly a cute pink skirt with a lovely trim belt...And was much needed according to Rozz, as the doll has been laying around naked for quite some time!

This was a little challenging...as this doll has larger hips than her waist (I thought she was a little young for that, but since they say that the butt are the new boobs this season...maybe she'll be "in fashion" when she grows up!)

Rozzie and mama then retired to their own separate projects...
Rozzie drew:

Snow White...

and mama worked on a embroidered tablecloth she's been working on for quite some time now (and I forgot to take a picture of...But it was hardly my fault, because she was also sewing the tail, and arms back onto a little wonky sock monkey I got recently...I should also mention that she tried to embroidered eyebrows that quickly turned into a monacle...And then glasses, which she later ripped out because no one really liked them...It could be because the thread was red...But then again, maybe not!)

She also teamed up with me to figure out all the dimensions and measurements of the picnic quilt/blankey I'm making, and since she was the only one who's made a quilt in the room, I desperately needed her help! It took some adding and sketching and planning...And so much time, that I fear I will not let anyone use this thing!

So...I really only had time to cut up squares...And material (I actually had to go get some extra material for a border and binding too!)

So, I am looking forward to some actual sewing today...Although, there are various other projects that are needing my immediate attention...Organizing and cleaning and sorting and getting rid of...
and on...

and on...
and on...

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