31 July 2006

Sunday July 30th...

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Well...This Creative Sunday started with my mom calling to say she had a headache...And Rozzilyn and I would have to fend for ourselves. So...We went both to JoAnn's and Wal Mart to look for fabrics. I needed fabric for the linings of my ever popular City Slouch bags that have been flying out of the shop! And Rozzie needed fabric for the little "paper doll" she's been making clothes for (I forgot to bring my camera...Silly me, so I don't have a picture of her fabric)

After dropping Rozz of so she could eat her lunch, I came home and met my friend Steven here. We had an afternoon planned of watching Robin Williams Live on Broadway (which I've never seen, and is extremely funny) and relaxation. We both agreed that it did indeed feel like a Sunday...All lazy and fun!
And...As Promised...a tutorial for his blended coffee drink

The Hazelnut Romance:

First, make some espresso. I used Illy brand from Italy, because I "smuggled" 2 cans of this powdered bliss back from my trip in April. Yes, you can buy it in the USA, but it is quite expensive. Or, you can use your own coffee too...I got some organic decaf beans and ground them to the espresso grind on the machine at the store (you know, for those late afternoon or evening espresso cravings?)

Then, measure out the half and half...Or I used Silk Soy Cream (a slightly different flavor, but less allergic problems, and I thought it was quite yummy!), fill the glass you're using with ice (we had this ginormous ice from the grocery...And it was a little big, as my blender isn't that gifted, so it may be nicer to use smaller ice cubes if you want it really frothy!) and then pour from 1/2 to 3/4 glass of cream/milk into the glass, and then dump into the blender.

Measure out 2 shots of espresso (we used a tiny creamer I have, because I don't have any shot glasses...Just not my thing I guess) and pour it into the blender along with cream and ice.

Then, pour in the Hazelnut syrup to taste. I would suggest pouring it in and then blending it and having a little spoonful to taste it. I absolutely love Hazelnuts, so I like it a little strong...enough anyway, that I can really taste it. We used DaVinci's Hazelnut syrup instead of Torani, as I wasn't someplace that had Torani, and it worked well. They had sugar-free, but I figured a little sugar wouldn't kill me, I mean, I was already having 2 shots of espresso for crying out loud!

Then, blend that thang...grind it up! (Steven held the lid down and kept adding ice hoping that my blender would chop it all up, a bit of a futile exercise really...I didn't really care as long as it was cold!) So, keep adding ice to make it as frothy as you want. Remember to taste it to make sure you have the Hazelnut syrup to coffee ratio just right...

then drink and enjoy!


(thank you Steven)

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