07 July 2006

How's the Weather?

Well...It always seems like conversations and letters tend to degenerate with that...

the weather has been...

how's the weather?

Like uh-oh we've come to that part in the conversation where there may be nothing else to talk about (not the case here...I'm not that bored!). Well, I live in a place that most of the influx of people are moving here because of the weather. Because it's so mild. And with the advent of Global Warming, it's becoming more and more mild...Less snow, and less diversity. I think it's becoming hotter and hotter actually.

Prescott is one of those places where it's said if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes. We have such extreme weather in AZ. It's sunny one minute then thundering lightning, pouring down rain and hailing the next...

(notice all the hail in these pictures...It was just last week!)

I actually love that about living here...Which has lead me to carry and umbrella and a light jacket in the car with me at all times. It's much better to layer your clothing here as it can
suddenly turn hot or cold depending upon the season. We've been in the middle of a drought so lately, any moisture has been a cause for celebration (although, you wouldn't believe the amount of people who can complain about the rain or snow because it makes it hard for them to drive...Sheikh, the lack of trees on the planet makes it hard for me to breathe)

I was half way into my daily walk this morning and it was lightly drizzling...No big deal...Then the lightning and thunder kicked in...So I figured that I would be more use to the planet alive, and came home to clean up a bit here instead. It started pouring buckets not 20 minutes later...So it was probably a good choice on my part. AND were due for heavy rains throughout the day...With a flash flood warning in effect until this evening!

And being in AZ means that we've been known for our sunsets...but I'll tell you, it's the clouds that are making me stop in my tracks lately. Little fluffy beautiful clouds skipping across the sky. I keep taking ton's of pictures and changing the wallpaper on my cell phone almost daily...I love clouds anyway, and have painted them all over the walls of the shop...And above my bathtub at home.

So, enjoy these...My favorites of the clouds...And have an amazing weekend!

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