14 July 2006

Long lost family...

Actually, this part of the family is not that lost...we just don't get together all that often, more of keeping in touch through my grandmother.

So, this is (clockwise from the top) Rozzie, my cousin Esther, her husband Oliver, my mom's sister (and my aunt) Judy and mom...

They are in town until Saturday and last night we went out to dinner, sans my grandmother, who doesn't go out after dark (hehehe) she is 92 after all! So, we went out to dinner at the local brewing company...which is usually a lovely treat!

It's fun to connect with the family now that I'm older...and hear everyone's stories. It helps to put some of my own patterns and "learned" behaviours in place for me. Plus, it gives me the chance to hear everyone's side of the stories! So, I'm hoping that we get to spend more time together before they leave town.

Rozzie didn't join us in actually eating any food, because she really likes to have her dinner at home, but she kept herself quite occupied drawing on napkins...

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