10 July 2006

Sunday July 9th...

We accomplished mucho creativity this Creative Sunday! And all were duly impressed (if I say so myself) especially seeing as I needed to dash off to spend some time that afternoon with some good friends, so we broke about and hour early


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  • Rozzilyn
  • Susan


was working on a new bag for myself...which reminds me, I may need to go through my collection of "designer" bags and purge...as I am usually carrying something more fun nowadays...And often even, something that I've made myself!

I bought the floral fabric at a yard sale this weekend for $1 (woo-hoo!) and the gingham checked fabric was some I had for some bulletin boards I made, and then curtains for the basement I also made years ago...In addition, I used a lovely large green vintage button for the closure!

I followed the pattern here...And decided that if I made this bag again, I would make it a little deeper...Maybe 16 inches...And then make the strap thinner. I sewed a double pocket inside the bag, as I like to carry my keys and lip stuff in separate areas (just preference I guess) My friend Angie said that it looks as if it belongs in a boutique...Maybe I'll make some for the shop...It is a quick and easy process...


worked on making more pom-poms...She made 5 at a time this time...After wrapping the yarn around her cardboard 100 times...Without loosing count, I might add...
When asked what exactly she's going to use all these pom-poms for she answered...

Shoes of course!

We broke for a yummy lunch...

Meena joined us too... (I know that black spot on her mouth makes her look a little worried...But she's a pretty happy girl!)

and she had a lovely conversation with Rozzie...since she climbed up into the chair next to her! It looks as if I was eating my buttons from my button box, I know, and although I adore them and could "eat them up" I don't usually make a practice of that!

Susan...aka. Mama,

not only worked on the pom-poms with Rozzie...but designed her first freezer paper stencil as well! She spent a lot of time cutting it, as these more intricate patterns take a lot of concentration!
(and coffee)

This was a design from an anime movie Rozz just watched called Sugar...And apparently had fairies in it! (that is a fairy kissing the little girl!)

I helped Mama with the painting...And went back and did some touch up and more intricate designs with the fabric paint on a toothpick...I had huge amounts of fun doing that!

Putting on this shirt made Rozzie really want to dance!
(of course, being alive really wants to make this girl dance)

I also burned a CD for Rozz sometime during the Creative Sunday...The Putumayo one on the sidebar over to your left...American Folk.

She likes the folk music...

could it be the influence of the hippie grandparents?

I imagine so.

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Susan said...

Hey, what hippie grandparents?


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