25 July 2006

Creative Sunday July 23...


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  • Rozzilyn

So, with the extreme heat and humidity (yes, it about kills us here in AZ because we've all been lead to believe that "...It's a dry heat") we've been searching out cool places to create! As you can see, Meena got the best spot in the house...She slept almost all day cornered in the studio, on the floor, amidst all the material and supplies...The laughing, jumping and sewing didn't seem to even phase her.
(good thing too...Because we were a little wild!)

I spent the day working on making 3 more bags...2 to sell and 1 for me. Since I fell in love with the pirate bandanna pattern, I just couldn't resist!

I figured it takes me about a half hour to make each bag...So, not too bad. It took me a bit longer because I had to stop and share the sewing machine and help pin my mother into her project...And well, just generally run around and have fun!

This is a clasp of the buttons I used on 2 of the bags...on the other bag (the "fineshed" one in the picture) I used a large black button. I am keeping the one with the anchor button...Which should be the perfect size for "smuggling" Junior Mints into the theatre to see the Pirates of the Caribbean later on...aaarrgghh!

Rozzilyn worked on a neat kit. This kit consists of a little doll...Like a paper doll, you make her clothes. Unlike a paper doll, you make her clothes out of fabric! The kit included all of the patterns and fabric, plus jewels, trim and glitter!

She spread everything out on the floor first of all, to get perspective...And to view all of her working supplies...

Then got to it...Cutting and tracing and glittering (is that a word?) and made this beautiful outfit. She was then taken-over with the heat and had to lie down for a bit.

...But popped up later to create a magazine!

And the creme' de la...of the day was...

(drum roll)

a reconstructed tee...

made by my mother...

It was ugly...The colors and the patterns...One of the tees had stains and dried soap chunks
all over it.
(Not to worry though, it is a prototype, and she didn't want to waste any good fabric until she figured out how exactly to do this thang)

So...umm, it's a little bra strap revealing...and tight in the arms...and the sides aren't exactly symmetrical, but I really do like the pattern and I can envision it as perfect and done
(only because the pattern is right here)

"And the good news is...!!"
the woman shouted as she grabbed her coffee cup and ran from the room...

"I saved the collar and the sleeves!!!"

clearly this is some sort of good new to her? Hmmmm...The coffee had maybe a bit too much of the caffeinated part mixed in, and not quite enough decaf? Whatever the reason, we all doubled over in absolute hilarity as she put on the collar and sleeves piece...Slipped this on as a jacket, buttoned the remaining collar button and tied the strings around her middle. We decided that this would indeed fit anyone in the family with some creative tying! I think we should send this to my sister...He.

She declared at this point, that we were indeed going for quantity of crafting this Creative Sunday...

...Not quality!

Mama also made this little piece of crochet (soon to be a loverly flower)...Following the instructions from the Adorn craft magazine laying below it. We picked up this magazine from JoAnn's on Saturday, it is the premier issue and full of wonderful ideas.

We then broke for lunch which was also made by my mother...

A grape and Mellon salad, and sunflower pate stuffed cabbage leaves, with Nasturshum blossoms. Not only was everything beautiful, but it taste wonderful as well...Including the flower blossoms!

and as a PS...my mother and I went on a movie date to see the Pirate Movie...And can I just say that the 3 hours flew by? My goodness, I wonder if I could get Johnny Depp as a pocket pirate?



amy said...

Uh...the new look that Susan is sporting is...um...interesting?

Lunch looks tasty!


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