12 July 2006

Don't you love it when...

...when you acutally follow that little voice in your head that tells you to do something? On my weekly journey out to Costco this week to pick up my organic salad mix, and a bit of cheap gas for the car, I was on my way back into town and was almost past the Goodwill, when I had this urge to pop in. I don't usually shop at the Goodwill as I think they're a little pricey...for instance, they charge $7 for dresses, and the dresses in my shop are about that much...and mine aren't donated...I know they work for a good cause...anyway...I was wandering around the store and looked in the wallet bin, and to my joy and surprise, found the above Paul Frank, Julius, red (my favorite color) glittery, key chain ,coin purse...for a whopping 49 cents!

(no, not 50...49)

I also found some fun little pieces of vintage fabrics and some vintage childrens blankets, with cute fabric as well...
so, it looks as though I may be visiting the Goodwill during my weekly journey now...


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