11 July 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Here I am...In all my shop glory...Myself as...

This picture was taken by my good friend, and fellow...on the same street, shop worker/guy Keith. I love the picture, I love the way it looks...The textures and color...And am actually enjoying the way I look as well. I am thinking I could do without some of the chins...But one chin on a person, especially myself, is just a personal preference! Keith promised also, to take another picture soon!

So, this is just a small slice of life...Somewhere I go everyday. on this street and into my life...And have been going for about 11 and a half years. That's how long I've owned the shop now...Hard to believe isn't it? I started SnAp SNaP when I was 25 (so yes, I'm 36...For those of you scrambling to add that one up) I am loving especially, the smile on my face, as it's just an incling of the feelings that I've had swirling around about this...this accomplishment...this service I provide my community. When I think back about all the challenges I've faced owning the shop...It's a bit amazing. We've grown up together, the shop and I. Seen births, deaths, marriages and divorces...Success, triumph and fun...Mistakes, little struggles, and challenges. I've been thinking about all of the people I've met and connected with over the years...The shop friends I've made, and it brings a smile to my face. Yes, sometimes working with the public can be challenging...But all the free clothes are worth it! OK...Really, I am lucky to have some really great repeat customers and even one time ones that are passing through town...It's been an incredible "run"! AnD as the face of this small town changes from moment to moment, I'm not exactly sure what my future holds...I'm just learning how to smile about all of this...And love where I am with this...One of my biggest creation!

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Susan said...

Hey, good picture! When do you go from Shop Grrl to Shop Woman-or maybe Shop Mama? That's a good outlook to have and I know how hard it is to always feel that way when owning a shop is so repetitive. It's nice to feel positive.


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