28 July 2006

Friends this week...

Well...This week, Angie and I tried the new lunch place in town Pasquales...And this is a picture of our lunch carnage! Our friend Steven works there as the barista from hell...Or heaven, as I'd like to think...After tasting his Hazelnut Romance Frappuccino! (his very own creation)

My goodness is that an amazing drink, as a matter of fact, I am hoping when he buzzes by he
re to play on Sunday...he'll do a little Creative Sunday tutorial for us! He also ran one by the shop for me yesterday, and saved my hot little life. Not only was I hot and drooping from all the humidity with no rain, but I needed a bit of a pick me up...and I felt very loved! Thank you Steven!

And, in hopes this happens for all of us over here, I've got my
Hazelnut syrup and espresso all ready...all I need is ice!

The food is also good at Pasquales...I had the Caesar salad, with their home made dressing. And as a Caesar salad connoisseur, I know what I'm talking about. Just the right amount and a really fair price...I think I will probably be willing to go back again. The atmosphere is nice...And there is an outside patio, which is by a really busy street, but with a few trees, this may be nice too. And the upshot is, the restaurant was opened by a family who's been in town for quite some time now, and is being run by some of their son's...One of which I was in school with since 5th grade! So, it was wonderful to see David...And the rest of his family, and I wish him really good luck!

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