06 July 2006

Day 21...

I have absolutely no idea when the 21 day challenge ended!

Sad isn't it?

I guess there was some sort of drama on Rhonna's website...So the challenge seemed to get pushed to the side. I would like you to know that I did complete the challenge...I know that seems weird since I have no idea when exactly it ended...And I created a new habit.

Actually two.

I am still walking for at least an hour every morning...And then doing yoga every night before I go to bed!

Meena is also joining me every night for yoga as well. She stretches with me, and runs under me when I do specific poses!

I am amazed at how I feel when I participate in both of these activities every day. My body is more limber, I have more energy...And I don't have to worry about eating something "bad" for me every once in a while (that I need to work on a little more, I must say!)
I have never wanted to be a proponent of exercise, as I never wanted to take the time to do something active...But I'll tell you, it is one of the only way's I'm going to really stay in shape and still keep all the weight off...


At least I've picked some activities that I really enjoy...And ones that don't cost me anything...As I walk in my own neighborhood, and do the yoga from a DVD I have!
So, I am extremely proud of myself for thinking of 2 things that I really needed to do in my life...and for completing the challenge...and for continuing the challenge beyond the 21 days!

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Jolene George said...

I am very proud of you for sticking with the challenge. That shows how strong you really are. It's fun that your kitty is getting into the routine with you. I hope Rhonna does another round. :o)


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