17 July 2006

Sunday July 7th..

So, we deviated a bit this Sunday (we do that from time to time)...


  • Rozzie-roo
  • Susan
  • MEEEE!!!

We decided to clean and straighten and mark-down things in one of my mom's antique booths! The antique dust just wasn't cutting it for us! (hehehe) Changing the energy in there was extremely creative...It felt so different when we were done...And re-arranging and re-doing the little vignettes she's made in there was also pretty creative as well!

Then we jetted to my mom's estate and organized and divided some fabulous Thrift finds we got this weekend! There is a Veteran's Thrift store (or "Trift store" as the sign says) that lets you fill up an entire shopping cart with whatever you can cram into it, and then charges you only $10!

Did I mention that they had put out an entire extra table and section of material and craft items?

What is my favorite? The map of the US fabric? The "jeweled" vintage purse hardware? The figural baby diaper pins? The wonderful flocked spool of red Christmas ribbon? The vintage floral table cloth? The ticking? ohhh...It's hard to say!

And, I thought that this deserved special mention! This is some sort of snap attatchment "designed specially for women" it was originally $1 but was only 87 cents at a place called Unimart...And I also found the snaps! Apparently you use that brown thing to apply the snaps, and beat the heck out of it with a hammer...And that puts the snaps in...And also must get your crafting frustrations out!

Then we went to see Cars in the afternoon, because Rozzie's really been wanting to see it, and I have to admit, I wasn't too hep on going to see it, but I am really glad I did. It was super cute, and funny (I know Disney always is!)

AND, last Saturday evening I went to my friend Cathy's house along with 9 other friends (some old and some new) for a manifestation/collage party...

The idea of this project was to search through various magazines for words and pictures that symbolize things that you want to bring into your life and arrange them into a collage on some poster board...

Here's Ang with her amazing creation...I loved to see all the different interpretations and manifestation ideas! I was really noticing how mine was more "wordy" than using tons of pictures...

this is my finished collage/manifestation poster...

I mentioned to Cathy that we should probably do this every 6 months...to fine tune some things (I know that I change my ideas of what I want in my life) and to let each other know what has happened in that time!

I'll also try to keep you posted about the things that are coming into my life!


Amy said...

I like the bag with the bugs on it in the top photo..

I also love the manifestation collage idea - how cool! I'll have to make myself one of them when I get back. Hmm, maybe I'll do mine in Spanish... better get out el dictionario!

Jolene George said...

I'm glad you all had a good time together working on your collages. Great work!

Susan said...

Why didn't we take a picture of the cart when it was full and had the bowling balls in it?


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