26 September 2006

Thrift magic...

Have you ever had one of those days at the thrift? Well, yesterday was one of those days! After investigating a nasty rumor that the local Goodwill is closing on Mondays (Salvation Army is for whatever reason) I've been driving by on my way to CostCo to pick up organic salad mix (which there was this week...You know, after that nasty spinach scare we were worried...not really) and I keep seeing cars in their parking lot, so I chanced it...Good thing too, because it was certainly open!

The Goodwill has color tag sales, of which I usually never find anything...But today was different! First off was these lovely vintage flannel PJ's! I absolutely love men's vintage PJ's, boxers included...I love the patterns on them, and actually have been known to wear the tops around town (well, I did in high school anyway...(come to think of it, so did my parents in the 60's, it must be genetic)...to a Thompson Twins concert...OMD opened for them, and my friends and I were trying to look all cool and Mod because a group of friends and I were going down to Phoenix for the concert, which was a stretch, because living up here, it was a little hard to find cool clothes! It's funny to me what we do to try to fit in and not look different, I wish I had the picture we took of ourselves to post. I remember we did the part in my short hair as a zig-zag, and we were almost speechless with our creativity!) So, my little friend Paul Jones must have gotten rid of his old PJ's because there they were, sitting there, in the thrift, waiting for me...And with a 50% off tag on them to boot! I was a little worried about paying the $5.99 price, but justified it because I never see vintage PJ's in good condition anymore, and was giddy when I discovered they were half off! Then I made my way to the fabric section, and there was an amazing piece of mid-century bark cloth...Pink, turquoise, black...And yes...Metallic gold! $1.99 (which is amazing because at this particular place, the single sheets are $7.99...?!?!?!) I was so happy I almost started skipping through the store. It's silly because when I find this stuff, I look all around me, like I'm some kind of secret agent and I'm sneaking around trying to get this stuff out of the store before someone discovers what I'm carrying and takes it away from me.
And, the fun was not quite over because someone must have just put out clothes...And in the sleeveless top section was this amazing salmon and pink polka-dot Vera tank! Whoo-boy, and in my size. Not that I love Vera (and yes, it certainly says Vera all over it) but, you can bet I'm wearing it today...With a denim skirt and a little white corduroy fitted jacket...What an amazing thrifting day! It was also a good weekend for yard sailing...But more on that tomorrow!


dina said...

In my best hockey announcer type voice I am yellling "SCORE!"

I love a good thrift day. it looks as though you really cleaned up. That barkcloth is amazing! I can't wait to see what you do with it.


sulu-design said...

Awesome, awesome finds! The fabric and the pajamas are so cool, and the top was meant for you. Now I'm curious about the yard sales...


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