28 September 2006

What'd You Got?

So...The post you've all been waiting for (he he he)

First off...The tall tin, the one in back...The one that matches the tin that I use for my buttons?! My mother found that...(I can hardly believe it matches, it made me do a little happy dance at the sale...luckily we knew the ladies that were having the sale, so they weren't too freaked out) The tin has a little hole in the lid and apparently it is for yarn. The yarn is held in the tin, and you thread the working end out the top, and that way, the yarn doesn't get tangled up. I don't usually have a problem with my yarn tangling up...but it matches!


Then, these lovely rolls of heavy-weight fabric. Perfect for upholstery I'm sure...I don't know exactly what I will use it for, but that's the challenge isn't it? When I asked how much it was, the lady at the sale said, "I"ll tell you what I paid for it" and I replied, "No, don't tell me that, just tell me what you want for it" I can only imagine what it cost new...yikes!

Then, this lovely little pile of fabric at the same sale...I am really liking the diamond patterns, and am thinking about making a winter kitchen rug for in front of my sink...And will probably have enough left over for one under the kitchen table.
$5 for the pile

The tall table...Well, I'm not sure the word table is exactly accurate as it looks more like a table leg with little circles screwed onto the end of it, but it is the perfect size for glasses of water or tea, and fits right in between my chairs in the living room. And sice they're in the middle of the floor, I never have anywhere to put my drinks...

The lovely vintage twin size bed spread....the one with the blue sort of palm tree/spray pattern on one side, and then the green pattern on the other...a lovely monogrammed linen pillowcase with "HB" on it, in pink (I have quite a collection of vintage monogrammed pieces) and some random weird blue and green vintage fabric...

And finally...a little footed silver tray for Ms. Meena's foodie. She digs around in there with her little nose, and the food tends to end up all over the floor (as you can see, sheesh, I guess I could have cleaned that up a bit before I took the picture) and this will catch it before it drops onto the floor!
Ms. Meena puts up with a lot around here...Constant piles of things, and things coming and going...

And in answer to Dina's comment the other day...It will be interesting for me to see what I do with the bark cloth fabric as well. Usually, I fold it up and keep it all in the same place, among all the other bark cloth fabric I have stashed, and stare lovingly at it. Hmmmm, I seem to do that with a lot of my things, well, at least I'm surrounded by things that I love!


Jolene George said...

You found some GREAT things at bargin prices. Don't you just love that feeling?! I know I do!

Jolene George said...

You need to go check out Wendy Smedley's blog. Her post today is right up your alley. It made me think of you.

sulu-design said...

Awesome finds! The matching tin - who would have guessed? The fabrics - all great. And the tall table-thingie - perfect for holding a drink in a tight space. Good for you! Enjoy the weekend.


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