21 September 2006


Ah yes...a lovely day...Long, but with a good ending. A good friend called me up for a fun after work drink, and girl talk...long in coming, but well worth the wait. Megan and I decided that it was actually our first "one on one", and what fun we had. The kind of discussions that don't necessarily solve anything, but are wonderful to have! Thank you Megan, it's certainly just what I needed, after a couple of intense weeks, to sit outside and really enjoy being in the fall weather...not heading anywhere in particular, but ending up in a really good place. I was planning on walking the trail after work, but as this came up on the spur of the moment, I decided to seize it...And I'm glad I did...If this is any indication of the rest of my fall...How happy I will be!
(we left just before it got really chilly!)

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