11 September 2006

Sunday September 10th...

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Sweet Meena started this Sunday off with a little kitty meditation under the windchimes in the front yard. As you can see, the weather is drying out a bit (which is good for the water problem I've been having...At least) so...The kitty girl took advantage of this by playing with Rozzilyn in the front yard!

Mama and Rozzie worked on a little doll that Rozzilyn had been excited about all week! His name is Harry, and he is from this book:

They worked on making him out of felt...And almost finished him by the time they left...

Mama and I stopped half way through Creative Sunday, right after we stuffed ourselves with cashew hummus and guacamole to watch the very end of um...Project Runway Season One...You see, we both came by this show only this year, and it's already in it's third season...And since everyone (my sister) says that the first season is the best...We had to watch it! We were, ahhh, a little obsessed with watching it this past week (ok, most of our conversations revolved around it) it is so amazing and inspiring! Jay's collection was incredible, and he made me laugh out loud all through the whole season...I am enjoying this season as well, don't get me wrong, it just seems like everyone takes themselves a little too serious. And Jay is showing his actual ready-to-wear collection at Olympus Fashion Week on the 15th in New York this week...I would love to be able to see it, and I wish that Bravo was showing it...Sigh.

So, I am feeling a little "reality TV let-down"...But I did manage to make a quilted bag...

It is quite large...Because I made it to carry stuff to work in. Since I have been walking to work almost daily, there is a lot for me to carry...All my "supplies" including my salad for lunch, my purse...All sorts of stuff....This is going to be the perfect size!

This consists of fabric squares I picked up with a patchwork unfinished quilt at a yard sale (a HUGE box of fabric scraps...All vintage)
The liner is yellow gingham checks...Although I did not put in a pocket...

Each square had a different pattern on it...the yellow and green floral squares have a circle, the dots have stripes, and the green and blue floral has just a square...
I am excited to carry it tomorrow!

Now I'm off to watch Cold Feet Season 2...one of my favorite BBC series (the other one being Coupling!) Is it me or do the British have much better comedy shows?!

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Susan said...

The bag turned out so great! Different looking with the fun fabric.


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