12 September 2006

New Glasses...

Guess what came in this last Saturday?
That's right...

My wonderful new Versace glasses...And while this is more money than I've ever spent on glasses they were actually only about $30 more for the frame then most of the other ones in the store...So, why not?

They have the signature Mercury head on the end of the frames (pink, because the frames are a metallic pink) and Mercury is surrounded by tiny rhinestones all in a square! I am sorry that I don't have more detailed photos, but my camera isn't that good.

I do love my new glasses so, they are light and fit really well, the frames are a more interesting shape then I usually get (mostly I go for the big fun plastic retro frames) and look wonderful on me (if I must say so myself!) You see, I made this decision without anyone else's input...

And the bestest part, which is the one reason I always wanted Versace glasses, is the ultra-cool glasses case they come with, plus a wonderful geometric lens polishing cloth (which came as a surprise because I didn't know about that until I opened the case to take them out and get fitted at the store.)

I promise I will take pictures of myself in the glasses soon and post them!

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