06 September 2006

...Bought Logo!

Here it is, the signed copy of the contract for the buy-out of the "I know about me." logo...Which I officially own now (and Rozzilyn officially sold me...her first idea...a 9 year-old, no less...these homeschoolers are amazing people) on Sunday! Not bad for a little sentence she left me on the counter of my shop one day...The girl is a genius!
I am excited to be related to her!

Now, this doesn't mean if I become some wonderfully famous fashion person that I would indeed leave my family out of it...They're coming too!

No news on the water situation yet...I do have one bid for what I think is a little high, and a lot of work...And someone else who doesn't seem too concerned with the amount of work it will take to do the job, but no bid from him yet...So, I will let you know how it all works out.

Thanks to my wonderful mother, I am feeling better about having to make this decision...She helpfully pointed out that I may just not want to be making this decision (after 2 marathon phone sessions...Thanks mom)
And I don't, not alone, not by myself.
Yet, I realize something needs to be done, and I am the one who needs to make the decision right now...So I will. No matter how hard it seems (and there is a sense of pride in me when I decide to do something now, and work to get it done...different than before) I suppose while this decision will not bring about the end of the world, it is what this decision is bringing up in me right now, what it is representing. Since the divorce all sorts of "stuff" has been coming up, things I've been trying to ignore for years (go figure...although, I feel like I'm going crazy most of the time now...yes, even more than before) I know I don't mention a lot on the blog about the divorce and my feelings about that...I have journals full of that "stuff", but sometimes, I need to share a little observation here and there. Because sometimes I struggle with my life.

So, here's to a good night's sleep (I hope)

(I've got enough Valerian, Rescue Remedy and Kava-Kava in me that I'm just wanting to sit and stare...)

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Susan said...

I love you too, Aunt Sadie, and it's exciting to see one of my ideas out in the world!


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