15 September 2006

What's In the Package?

Part One...

Well, I know you've all been sitting on pins and needles wanting to know exactly what was in that huge package from my wonderful father. So, I've decided to do it in installments because the box was sooo big and there was a lot of wonderful material in it!

All these gorgeous silks, cottons and rayons...Vintage kimonos and obes...Lots of uber wonderful things! I am super excited to get started on some projects using these fabrics, and my mother has a wonderful craft book utilizing Japanese craft techniques...So they may just be in order soon!

And...these fabulous Guatemalan bags (which I am assuming are fair game to sell in the shop...As there are so many of them...And I really don't go out that often and need a new purse!)

Look at all those wonderful colors...

Have a great weekend...I will be working on making 2 more apple pies (I know I said last pie last week, but there are just so many apples!) and 2 skirts for my "fall collection"...Now that it feels like fall is finally here, I need some new skirts to celebrate!

And for everyone following Project Runway...Jay McCarroll , the winner of Season One, just showed his ready to wear spring line in the Olympus Fashion Week...It is super fun, and you can view the video here.

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