29 September 2006


Is it the end of the week yet?
Seriously...is it?
I am quite exhausted, only because I haven't been sleeping well lately. I would like to think it's this sweet little kitty girl who, as you can see, is taking up half the bed. I was thinking that now that I am single, I would get to stretch out in my own bed (I mean, that's a perk isn't it?) but how wrong I was. It's worth it though, to roll over at any time of the night and get a snort full of hair! But, it's me really. I haven't been walking daily, so no tiring out my body, and I thought I'd been feeling well enough to take myself off the daily doses of Kava (oh...that would be a good name for a blog wouldn't it be?) so, I decided to "wean" myself off. HA. Now I am having really exhausting disturbing dreams, plus waking up at all sorts of odd hours...I am coming to realize what people mean when their loved ones need to take a medication and then they "feel" well enough to go off...and...oops, oh that's why I needed that! So, lets just say for now that there will indeed be more Kava in my future, as well as daily walks! And lucky for me, my bestie pal Amy called for a dinner invitation for tomorrow night...so I suppose I could hang around one more day at least.

And with all the nervous energy, I took on what I thought would be a daunting task, but once I started...it was easy and fun! I cleared out all my purses...and this large laundry basket is indeed full. I did keep my special Paul Frank, and Emily The Strange bags, as well as a few other special bags...but I thought since I've been making and usually carrying only the bags I've made lately, I thought why the heck do I need all these designer bags for anyway?! So, into the shop they went...Where they can find new homes. I ran this basket and another really large full bag down to the shop in the car and then drove home so I could walk to work (see, I really am serious...and this was after a long walk in the a.m.)

On a little side note, my mother's good friend here in town made all of the shoes for Jay's runway show at Olympus Fashion Week. Can you stand it?! I guess it was a real tight squeeze time-wise (as in, there was only a half hour to show time) and it was pouring rain, so when he went to drop off the 40 pairs of shoes...he actually parked on the sidewalk! He watched the entire show from the audience after delivering said shoes, and then moved his car! How can you not love New York? I wonder if this means that I will get to meet Jay?

OK...I'm off to a dinner of salmon with capers and rosemary potatoes. I hardly ever cook a real dinner for myself since there's just me...because I feel a little pathetic doing that (something to take into therapy with me next week) and watch a little What Not To Wear before heading off to dreamland, where I hopefully will stay asleep later than 11:30 pm (yes, last night I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 11:30 thinking it was morning already...sigh)

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sulu-design said...

Doesn't a purse purge like that feel so good? I'm thinking of doing the same thing (though not with just purses - I hope to tackle everything in my cramped apartment) this evening. Good for you - you're my inspiration (take that to the therapist next week)!


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