22 September 2006

Out With The Old...

...In With The Fall

Yes, a strange image, but one that was speaking to me this morning. That is a small pile of apples, the rest off the tree in the back of my house (well, at least the ones I can reach...My kingdom for a ladder and level ground...I think a lot of people say that around here. In Northern Arizona there doesn't seem to be much level ground!) A bit of flannel from the sheets that are being put on the bed tonight (it's supposed to be 34) so Ms. Meena and I can be super snugly together (along with changing the comforter and blankets around) And, if you look very carefully, you can see my silver anklet...You know it's time for fall when the anklet comes off...It just doesn't sit well under socks! There's also been a list of other things to do to get ready for fall that is swirling around in my head including, washing the windows, filling up all the "channels" in the driveway the rain water made with dirt, changing the heater filter, doing some ultra scrubbing about the house, and re-doing the mantle for Halloween!

So, Happy Autumnal Equinox to all tomorrow, and have a beautiful weekend. Rozzie has a piano recital tomorrow afternoon, and I am planning on ducking out of the shop for about an hour to video it...Look for that soon!

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Jolene George said...

I bet it really feels like fall up there. Mark wanted to take me on a motorcycle ride to Prescott today, but I'm just too tired and sore. I had a rough night sleeping (more of a lack of sleeping). I don't recall ever seeing apple trees in Arizona. You can't grow them down here in the valley....must be so nice to live up there. I'm a teeny bit jealous. :o)
Enjoy the piano recital!


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