18 September 2006

Sunday September 18th...


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This was the Sunday of our...Let's take a bit of a creative break and get some running around done! But first, mama and I snooped around at the Olympus Fashion Week site for some further clothing inspiration! Looks like a lot of black and white for spring...Check out:
Betsy Johnson
Custo Barcelona
I love these 3 (along with Jay...But I think we've established that) for all their use of colors and fun stuff, these designers are really having fun and I love that!...And while you're there, you may as well snoop around and find your favorites as well.

So, after everyone left, and in between a good friend coming over for some material selection for a bag I'm making her, and a bite to eat, I whipped up this little bag for Rozzie.

I used some material that Grampa John sent her...All little lucky cats, paired with some material that mama had just laying around the house. I didn't have a long enough piece of the lucky cats for the straps, so I paired it with some other material to extend them. And, I am really happy with the results!

Here is more detail of the inside as well...I used a little strip of lucky cats and sewed it on the inside pocket to, for some more fun detailing...Since we all know that it's all in the details! The button is a huge flower made out of a coconut...a little special package of buttons that grampa John sent me.

I think it's really the perfect little bag for the fall, and Rozzie seemed to enjoy it as well, she immediately put all of her stuff in it and modeled it for me. I also started and finished the second skirt in my fall collection, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

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Jolene George said...

You are just so crafty. You make so many different things. I love seeing all of your work. Thanks for sharing your talent.


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