07 November 2006

A Lovely Couple of Days...

I've enjoyed my last 2 days off immensely, crafting, thrifting, a little regular shopping, some relaxing and a lot of time with a friend who's in from out of town. The weather, as I said before, has been mild...in fact it's supposed to be 74 today (where is our winter?!?)

Last night, Jen and I spent the evening at The Raven Cafe in town. One of the owners was having a birthday, and on Monday's they do a fixed menu...so Jen and I shared both dinner and dessert, and had a lovely time, as the DJ was spinning some great tunes. The thing about the cafe, is that it doesn't quite feel like you're in Prescott...but somewhere more cosmopolitan...always a plus! The cafe is also the home of Coyote Radio Theatre...a local wonderful amazing and creative bunch of talent, up here on the radio! They've stumbled upon my humble blog and put a link on their blog site as well...so big smooches to them! Please head over to their site and listen to their podcasts!

Favorite line from a movie this weekend:

"you can't leave...all the plants will die!"
-Bill Murray, Stripes

OK...I'm taking advantage of said weather and getting out early to vote before work...


capello said...

we had bizarre warm weather today too, so i let the kids play outside (which is a big deal for us, considering darwin's allergies. and of course he ate some sand).

sulu-design said...

Sounds like a nice couple of days. I'll take that weather any time!

coyoteradiotheater said...

Thanks for the shout-out, that was a great feed Newt threw, wasn't it?

We got Miguel and Tony to send out food into Studio A, so we could gorge ourselves during the rehearsal that night.

I pointed out to the cast that Miguel and Tony are catering the Day of the Dead Dinner Show on Saturday and there was a little mini-rush for tickets, which makes me think I should do less advertising and more simply feeding people red beans and rice.

A whole new take on fundraising?

Jolene George said...

That really does sound wonderful. I love seeing the sun hit the clouds through the trees.

thatgirldina said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo Sadie! I love it!

Where IS our winter? I'm SO ready for snow. I think a trip to Flagstaff will be in our future.

I'm officially bookmarking the Coyote Radio site. Thanks for the tip. Very, very cool. And I do agree that it really doesn't "feel" like Prescott when you are at the Raven. Maybe it's just the fact that it's so hard to think of our little po-dunk town as "hip". The Raven definitely brings a more cosmopolitan vibe. We must go there. Often. :) Mmmmm, I can almost taste those sweet potato fries.

I know I'm referencing a later post, but I do hope you get some rest tonight. Sleepless, restless nights are the absolute worst!


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