03 November 2006

A View From My Lap...

How much do I love my kitty?

Well, quite a bit actually...She loves to sit in my lap whenever I sit down (well, unless someone else walks into the room, then she runs to them...sigh)

But...sometimes I look down at her sweet little face and just melt. She's such a good little friend...well, when she's not too excited and biting me. OK...that's enough of that!

At least in these pictures she looks like she's in heaven! Spacing out while laying on the patchwork monkey quilt (yes...I know it was supposed to be a picnic quilt, but it's our snuggle quilt...or um, "I can't afford to keep my house warm because the gas prices are so high and I'm saving to buy a car quilt") her little chin resting on my elbow...drooling a bit (not on the quilt mind you...but me...phew!)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend...I am planning on finally seeing Marie Antoinette (yes, it's actually here!) and making some things that have been on my mind...hey, maybe I'll even put the laundry away, or do a few loads, or organize my sweaters (lord, the list grows doesn't it)...who knows?


sulu-design said...

I took a short blogging break this week to catch up on some things... I haven't forgotten you, just haven't been commenting. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the movie!

capello said...

oh, we both got to see movies about the queen of england today.

i saw "the queen". eh. it was interesting, but not good enough for my-one-time-a-year-i-get-to-go-to the-theater-without-kids pass.

Jolene George said...

I love my kitties as much as you love yours.
My day was full from start to finish. We'll see how tomorrow goes. :o)


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