14 November 2006

Is Crafting Hazardous To Your Helth?

...In which we explore that question.
Because Crafting Shouldn't Hurt...

Yesterday morning I woke up all ready to bound out of bed, and found that I could hardly move, and I was experiencing sharp shooting pains where I imagine my kidneys to be. Now, the thought crossed my mind immediately was that it could be due to my scrunched up position in bed...cat on my pillow and me on what was left of my side of the bed. (Yes...now I no longer sleep on "her" side of the bed, and she gets my pillow as well...so I guess I'm down to only 1/4 of the bed now really...just a small, small corner) And, I had actually slept all the way through the night...no wandering around the house or bathroom trips...all zzzz's and snoring (probably, although I don't think I snore)

So, I drank water, I took my vitamins, I even had some coffee...and a nice warm Pumpkin Pie scented bath...and nothing. Just pain.

Well, during my Monday morning errand run around, the thought of Kidney Infection - Kidney Stones - Bladder Infection - Random Cancer -
...and wait a minute...
Wasn't I sitting in front of the sewing machine for 2 days and nights straight? Trying to get caught up on my crafting? Making presents for Dad and Meena? And when I wasn't sewing, wasn't I crawling around on the floor cutting out patterns and material? and fitting cushions? carefully pinning things? floor to sewing machine...sewing machine to floor?

You mean my sore thighs probably weren't due to riding a phantom horse either?

It occurs to me that perhaps I should exercise more.


Jolene George said...

Crafting can be painful, that is for sure....and I know I need to exercise more. It would help me tons.

thatgirldina said...

Ouch! I hope you took it easy today. Must rest up for our little shopping excursion on Thursday, you know! :)

I can't wait to hear about and see the big secret project! The suspense is killing me!

sulu-design said...

Just a few weeks ago I was reading a blog by another one of my favorite crafters who had back issues from too much sewing. What's going on here? Take care...


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