27 November 2006

My Day Off...

...was wonderful. I woke up late, after a restful and fabulous sleep (at 9am)...mostly because I thought I heard a woodpecker on the pergola (it is aluminum) And after the quick sprint downstairs to find the errant candle angels and place them in the Christmas display, I enjoyed catching up on my blogging over coffee. Then a relaxing bubble-bath before I ventured out to help with the wall displays at the shop, and then off to my fun Monday travels (to the thrifts and CostCo)

I also sat down after lunch and made these 2 bags for the shop...I had 2 more to make, but with such a late start, I'd run out of time, and needed to take my mom's weekly box-o-salad by her house, watching the temperature drop and the clouds roll in (yay) I was then off to Dina's where I visited my little crush (I know he's only 3 and still lives with his mom, but he's just so cute!) He colored a little train picture just for me, because he remembered that I love to hang children's art on my refrigerator (I am surrounded by thoughtful and sweet men lately)...and since I seem to be lacking in children around here...I have to rely on Rozzilyn and my friend's kids to keep me supplied. After he climbed in bed with a round of hugs and kisses, Dina and I sat back and watched the last episode of The Bachelor...I only saw the last 2 episodes (Dina filled me in on the others) and one of the finalists and looser was ironically named Sadie (also my nickname) so, I felt totally broken up with by the end of the show. And I have only one question...

Why do the sorority girls always seem to win?

Are guys really turned on by that?

(OK 2 questions)


sulu-design said...

I'd stick with the cute three year old. Italian princes who like sorority girls aren't worth it!

thatgirldina said...

Okay lady...hands off!!! ;)

Actually, my Niko will be one lucky boy to land a gal as pretty and sweet as you one day, Miss Sadira. But, since the age gap is VERY apparent and a serious relationship out of the question, you are going to have to settle for being his artistic muse. My coffee table is now covered in "peektures for SAY-deeee". You simply must stop by soon for a cocoa so my son can shower you with affections and crayola scribbles.


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