22 March 2011

Sniff Sniff...

I'm so sorry for my absence here again lately, but allergy season has started in full force in my little mountain town.  This is not unusual for this time of year of course, but what is unusual is the severity of the allergies that have descended into our town.

I remember thinking that it's been a hot mess around here as everywhere I've gone lately, people are sniffing and sneezing and rubbing their eyes.  So, I'm not alone...and everyone who happens to be sniffing and sneezing and rubbing their eyes have all complained that this is one of the worst allergy seasons they can remember.

Myself included.

I've had to double up on the pills I take a couple of time, and it still didn't prevent me from getting some pretty severe flu-like symptoms this last week.  Although, I've talked to a few people who say when they get allergies, they actually feel like they have the flu (which is new to me)  So, I've been taking it a bit easy the last few days and trying to get over whatever it is that I have, be it flu or allergies.

Luckily we just got some more snow (yipes!) yesterday, so I think it's tamped down the pollen for a bit...I'll let you know.

16 March 2011

Now We're Cookin'...

Just in case you're looking for new vintage goodies for your kitchen...we've got them at Snap Snap.

This is the beauty of having so much room and a creative partner such as my mother...who is also a vintage textile lover.  We have plenty of linens in stock and more coming in every day.

Including a much overlooked little basket of linens for 10 cents.  I'm unsure of why it is overlooked, as it's right at the front next to our front counter, but there you go.  Perhaps it's the startling low price?  But I can almost guarantee that of you dig around you can find a whole set of napkins or a few little towels, perfect for home projects you need single linens for or if you're just looking to replace throw away paper towels for meal times...

15 March 2011

Let There Be Light...

As I've recently mentioned, there's a lot of redesign going on around Foolsewoode...A whole lot.  It's not that I don't love the things I've spent a lifetime collecting, but some of the things have had to go to other parts and rooms, and some things have had to completely go and find new homes all together.

And my bedside lamps are no exception.

Which was kind of a surprise to me.

I always enjoyed my bedside lamps, one my father designed and made, and one I received as a gift many years ago.  The one that my father made has been relocated to the new boudoir as it makes more of a dramatic statement in there, and the other one doesn't really gel with my decorating style anymore...and that's when I found these cutie little vintage teapot lamps at the thrift.

They practically jumped into my hands, and at $3 a piece I figured it was a small investment to make in a little bit of the new bedroom style.  The only unfortunate thing was the shades that came with them.  While I'm assuming they're original, they're not the prettiest shades I've ever seen.

So, I started researching shades and found that the ones I really like are more money than I want to spend on new shades.  I also thought the original ones were not only a bit awkward, but a bit big...and then I had an idea.

I am reupholstering a chair cushion a chair that I am putting in the bedroom, and maybe I could use the same fabric on the lampshades that I use on the chair cushion?

I suppose this is a good time to mention that the material is a vintage damask pattern I'm using from a dress that I made into a skirt which I was never that fond of after I made it, and I was just thinking of junking the skirt all together...but that damask pattern is just so darned cute!

(which is why I hung onto it so long in the first place)

So, Sunday I made a pattern for the lampshade and started cutting out fabric.  I then applied the fabric to the existing shade with some glue and *poof!  A whole new look for the lampshades...

Which makes the shades look just the right size and a whole lot cuter...plus?  I still have more than enough fabric left over to remake the chair cushion eventually.

And I think it's a perfect solution for my new little lamp cuties to update them just enough for the room redoux.

I am still considering finding some cute black trim to finish the tops and the bottom of the shades, but for now they're working just fine.

08 March 2011

Vintage Cowgirl Inspiration...

And here's what had me gluing my fingers and other parts of my hands to everything in Kari and Jay's studio...Totally vintage inspired necklaces.

These were Kari's original design using vintage Cowgirl photos with burned edges that were then attached to the rusted buckle charms (this is where it becomes dangerous for the fingers...well, my fingers in particular as everyone else seems to have a whole lot more experience with glue in this area than myself) and embellished with charms and bling, and all attached to the copper and silver ball chain necklaces.

I just helped out with the design execution in the end.

And right now they are a Prescott Snap Snap exclusive (and a Cheyenne exclusive if you happen to be in that area) and were lovingly arranged in the shop by yours truly just today.

We also made one Eight Ball charmed necklace and one Mini Flask necklace as well.  We also made a full sized flask, but that's still at the studio as we're perfecting the exact design on that little beauty.

Stop by and see them when you get a chance, as I don't normally make jewelry (being that I'm still biting the glue off of myself) but had a wonderfully inspired and fun time doing these little beauties with Kari, because I love me some sweet old cowgirl illustrations.

Can I get a Ye-Haw?

Or a Yippie-I-O?

07 March 2011

Working With Metal...

For the last two days, which are usually my days off...I have had the pleasure of working with some good friends at their Metal Fabricating Shop.

And by working I mean I've been introduced to metal cutting machines, shocking metal (which is a process of almost instant rusting large sheets of metal) getting to know the lay of the land, filling orders, packing boxes, making jewelry, being creative, and generally getting down and dirty.

Working with metal can be a dirty job...but only in the best of ways.

My friends Kari and Jay own Universal Iron Works here up in the Northland of Arizona and it is awesome!

They supply metal to a whole lot of people in the world, including Snap Snap.  They can do anything you want, which I kind of already knew...but after having the pleasure of stepping into their world for the last couple of days, I have a whole new appreciation for their entire operation.

This is a true Made in America company where everyone rolls up their sleeves and dives in...and while it is a lot of fun and a well oiled machine, I am finding myself a bit exhausted from running around...but in a great way for sure.

Everyone is super creative and highly skilled at what they do at the shop mixed up with the whole element of being laid back and having fun...truly enjoying all their work.

Plus?  There's about a million and one things to do, and that work changes from moment to moment...which means that there's never a dull minute of the day and there's something exciting going on around every corner.

Lucky for me, I've been invited to join in the operation and will be heading out at least one day a week to lend a hand wherever they need it...

Though I'm not sure I'll be welding.

Or branding...

I'll be leaving that to Jay and his helper thankyouverymuch...welding and branding is hot work and looks a little more firey and scary to me than I'm use to.  I mean, I hardly ever use fire in my line of work, what with clothes being so flammable and whatnot.

And as an added bonus, I get to help create new ideas (which is almost too easy, because we're working and throwing out new designs to each other all day) and also grab exciting metal goodies to put in Snap Snap...like a whole slew of new jewelry I helped design, or rather glue.  Which was kind of a hysterical mess at some point seeing as I started gluing my thumb to things and then to itself and at one point glued a pair of needle nose pliers to my person as well.


At least I'm good comic relief.

It's almost too enjoyable when I'm there to call it work...maybe it's just because it's a wonderful change of pace from what I do in my regular working day, which adds just the right amount of the inspiration I crave...

04 March 2011

Red Hot Vintage Linens...

I absolutely adore monogrammed vintage linens...in fact, I love them so much I collect them.  Don't worry though, with all the purging and cleaning around here, I have a great project in the works at the moment to utilize them, so they will be seen (as I am using this as a new standard in which to keep things around here...I have to be able to see things and enjoy them) and not stuffed in drawers or closets...much.


My mother and I being total textile lovers means we also happen to have tons and tons of vintage linens at Snap Snap...and by tons and tons, I mean my mother has been madly pricing and has gone through no less than 100 tags today...which means, we have a whole lot of amazing embroidered, beautiful embroidered, and just plain linens.

They are also affordable prices and range anywhere from 10 cents (oh yes, that's right) to 10 dollars.

Come one come all...

But this particular one caught my eye, and I had to snatch it right up because it had me in stitches...mostly because it says "Hot Muffins" on it...

And mostly because it also seems to have this rather large burn hole in it...

Hot Muffins indeed...

02 March 2011

Life in Redoux :: Being Seen...

As I was saying yesterday...I got rid of my armoire.  The big pine one that sat in the corner from the minute I moved into this house 8+ years ago, being moved of course, from my other home where I lived with it 3 years before that.

I loved it...I did.  I picked it out for my eX and I, and while it served me well...it was for our TV and our TV just outlived its lifespan in my house.  I have been toying with the idea of getting a new TV for quite some time now, so after a whole lot of asking around and researching, I settled on something new and with that came the problem of where and what to do with the new piece of electronica.

So...out with the old, ahem...which is pictured above (and believe me, I had to search for this picture of the armoire) and in with the new:

New console.  And yes, that's a rather large hole in my rug.  I wish I could figure out a way to hide it better, but I just can't...however, this is a 1920's hand tied silk Chinese rug that I bought at an estate sale for $25.  Without that hole I would have paid hundreds of dollars more.  That hole saved me a TON of money...so in a way?  I'm totally celebrating it.

After searching and falling in love with many other consoles, I had this one delivered from JC Pennys (for free and right to the house, and loads cheaper due to online coupons) where I assembled it right on the spot.  According to Dina, the same company that makes furniture for the Pottery Barn makes it for Pennys...so if it reminds you of them, that would be the reason.  I absolutely adore assembling most things, so this went together pretty fast.

The three little drawers that are in the center of the console are actually not drawers, but a door that opens to reveal three shelves!  This is a perfect place for Blu-Ray's and Wii's (in case you have such things) but not so much for your stereo system (which actually can fit quite well to the right of the whole shebang...and may move later or be replaced with something that can fit on one of those shelves behind the door)

Unloading a armoire that you've used to ummmm...stuff store throw things in and quickly shut the door organize your household paperwork and other electronic items in for many years is an adventure within itself.

I had a ton of DVD's (which are now stored in my coffee table) old taxes (which have been gone through and organized and stored in another location) and a ton of warranties and instruction manuals...which have been thrown away (if I no longer even own the actual appliance it was for...good grief) or stored (if I still actually did own the actual appliance it was for)



And there were four extra little shelves, two on each side...that I now had the responsibility of filling up.  This (as you can imagine) was not a huge problem.

In said large armoire, I had quite a few things I'd been saving for myself.  The only problem was, I never could see these little things.  I have had them for years (in the case of the small wooden dolls, which were brought by my father to me, from parts all over the world when I was a small child...the rest I've just saved) and I have been storing them.  For what I don't know?

So, I decided that they needed to come out and be displayed and enjoyed.  I realized as I stood with my hands on my hips organizing everything, that I've spent my whole life collecting all sorts of lovely things and...well?  I can't see a lot of them.

These lovely things are packed away and hidden.

It all of a sudden started to dawn on me that this is a bit ridiculous...and then I realized that my whole house is full of things I've collected, and it may just be time for me to start going through things and saving only those that I truly love, and also actually have room to display and enjoy...all without cluttering the place up (like it has been)

I realize that I may just have my work cut out for me here.

So...out came the collectibles I wanted to keep (including one of the most rare Flinstone items ever made...that crazy plastic "rock" phone up there) and the others went to the new Snap Snap to be sold.

And you know what?

Getting rid of things wasn't even that painful.

It was wonderful to reorganize, dust, and display the things I've kept hidden all these years.

Really wonderful.

After the few days it took to totally unload, move out, rebuild, and situate the new TV I sat with my feet propped up enjoying my new HD picture and looking around my newly refreshed living room...my totally completed new paint job (that pesky corner that had been waiting to be painted and matched to the rest of the room, but was behind that armoire that I couldn't move by myself) and two totally new walls for the art I have had waiting for such a space to open up...I was just getting ready to toast myself to a job well done, and that is when I heard the whispering.

It was coming from the bedroom...and it was my old bedroom furniture.

Now it's ready to leave too...ready to find its new forever home away from Foolsewoode.  It's sitting at the ready already unloaded and waiting to be moved out.

Who knew?

It was at this point that I realized that I have been thrust into the middle of a total life redoux...

Now all I need is a truck and some muscle.


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