28 February 2006

Yard Sale Scores

Well, this last winter has been lack luster for yard sales at best...a few silly things here and there...but this last weekend...we filled the car up! Early Saturday mornings, I jump out of bed to join my mother for yard sales...I always thought it was for the good bonding time, which it is...and I get to supplement my sometimes overflowing home with new and exciting "things"!!! So, this weekend was a wonderful surprise as we filled up the car to bursting!
Plus, I bought a new Fischer stereo complete with speakers and 5 CD changer for the shop...as my really old Pioneer CD player my dad got me in college, finally broke. I've been listening to the radio for the past month and it hasn't felt like my store without my own music! I now know all the words to songs on the radio that I wish I didn't. The system is amazing...and for $20...was a great find! (no picture as it is currently set up at the shop) I am wondering if the speakers are better than the Bose at the house...?

Well...as you all know my affinity and great fondness for vintage kitchen towels...or really any kitchen linens, this is my great score of the weekend! A set or sort of set, of FIVE vintage embroidered kitchen towels. (I will post all my embroidered towels soon) All the towels cost me ONE DOLLAR! This is the exact reason no one is allowed to let me buy towels at the store...because I find so many out and about at yard sales! My favorite ones are the little green brownies...I have never seen that pattern before, and I'm wanting to incorporate them onto some pillows perhaps for my bed! And since I love fairies and brownies, I was very excited indeed!

I also got the oriental brocade large piece of fabric and the patchwork runner, each about a dollar a piece, and the patchwork one is a runner with a matching pillow case...no, I probably won't be using them together...but I am loving each one individually!

I also got some fun handmade paper...the left one is fuschia on one side and black on the other, followed by a black and white striped piece, a black piece with lots of leaves embossed on it, and a printed black sheet with gold designs and lettering. No one piece was more than a dollar...and a sweet little wooden doll too! She was 50 cents!

Here's a close-up of her, in her sweet little pink dress that matches her little pink painted on cheeks and shoes!

27 February 2006

Sunday February 26th...

  • Audree
  • Chelsie
  • Cody
  • Rozzilyn
  • Sadira
  • Susan (my mom)
Wow...What a great Sunday! We had a large group this week and this is what it looked like in my house!

I moved all the furniture that's usually sitting about needlessly...ottomans, coffee tables, chests and the like, to make room for all the cutting and sewing gluing and pinning! Above...Cody is giving Rozzie a preview of the fun music he was creating in between signing up for...and designing a couple of new web sites for himself.

My Big Project!
Well, I finished my project (all except stitching the edges...I'm on it, I swear!) This is my wonderful sock monkey crib quilt! It is navy chenille with an applique sock monkey (also made out of chenille). And is backed with the sock monkey flannel fabric that I recently got. I hand tied it with red yarn, french knots on one side...tying on the other...instead of quilting it together. This is the first quilt I've ever made...I really love it!

And all with a little help from my #1 baby right now...Diego!

Look for a tutorial coming sometime this week!

Audree's Costume
Audree is working on the costume that she is going to wear to the Renaissance festival in March. She's made quite an investment in all the material and notions and is really excited about the entire costume...she's making every part...and the over skirts and bodice are going to be reversible! I can't wait to see the finished product!

$3.00 remnant pants!
Yes, my mother has done it again! She whipped out this cute pair of pants for Rozzie using a pattern she cut out of muslin from a pair of old pants of Rozzie's. She bought the fabric at the local Joann's store, from the remnant bin. They are so cute, with a plaid material for the main body and a light lavender floral print for the cuffs and the back pocket. I'm angling for her to make a pair that fits me out of the Sis Boom's girlfriend fabric!

This is the pocket detail...the pocket matches the rolled up cuffs and is trimmed with the same Hello Kitty ribbon that is the bow in the waistband of the pants.

Rozzilyn's Project

Rozzilyn was working on making one of Emily the Strange's kitties...Mystery I think (although, I may be wrong...) She drew out the pattern herself copying a picture from a pillow case that she sleeps with, and we transferred it to some really fun black felt with glitter on it...glued on the other details that she drew on white and red felt, and then she stuffed it...for a really fun new toy! She's learning how to use straight pins, and is getting really good with gluing and drawing on felt...

Finishing up the day:
We spent the afternoon at Goldwater Lake taking in the amazing Arizona winter...or as we're calling it:
"the coldest summer we've ever had".

We had a special surprise, as a local family has hidden a letter box right there at the lake!

Audree was our guide as we searched for it...


And, read the contents.....

And signed our names to the pad of paper that is left in the container!

All in all...it was an amazing day!

24 February 2006

Good friends

Well...last night I engaged in what I like to call...a mini high school reunion! My friends Amy and Suzanne and I all went to dinner and came back to Foolsewoode for a catching up session, complete with pictures of our lives! Actually Amy and I have been in constant companionship with each other for the last 20 years (my...is it? That's a lot of fashion, music, and boys isn't it?) Suzanne...(I'm sorry, but Arthur's right, it will always be Suzie to me) was MIA from our lives for about the past 10 years, and she's lived in AZ most of that time, so it was wonderful to catch up! I am now feeling inspired to make plans for a trip down to Tucson soon...What with Zora, Kate and Lee down there too...I may not want to come home! OH...and men of the world? Absolutley NO white pants or topsiders please!

So, our fun evening ended in near hysterics...(gosh there never is anything like girl giggles is there?) with the three of us trying to figure out how to use the auto-timers on our cameras. Yes, ma this is what a college education gets you! Needless to say there were some bizarre extreme closeups of various body parts! Disclaimer: I am still having issues with myself in pictures...so if any of the girls sends me what I think is a better one...I will swap out!

Thank you, thank you to two great women of my life...for all the sharing, support and fun!

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same -Anonymous

23 February 2006

The Princess and the Pea

Last night after my celebratory dinner, or as we like to call it:
ME: knock on my mother's front door..."Hello, I thought you'd like to congratulate me on my 11 year anniversary in the shop."
Mom: "Oh no...I knew there was something important happening today...don't we have the same discussion every year???!!!"
Pretty much, although last year, as it was my 10th anniversary, I made a bigger deal out of it...and she remembered and bought me lots of gifts! Luckily she helps me out so many other days of the year with support and fun, that it has become a sort of joke...this conversation we have! So...after my delicious dinner of the half of salmon Rozzie didn't eat, some azuki beans, an Ezekiel tortilla with avocado and garlic pieces on it...and home made Chai tea...the big eagerly anticipated birthday package (the company special made it for Rozzie...yes, her birthday was on Jan. 31st) arrived on the porch...thank you again UPS! (You know, I once had a thing for a UPS man...but different story entirely) You guessed it...as we sang happy birthday, this time without the embarrassing results of the candles on the cake being blown out with a little help from someone else (hahaha), we unveiled Rozzie's new Organic wool stuffed mattress topper! I mean, this erupted in dance moves the likes which have never been performed by my family before...well OK, last week at the earliest.
Background Story: My mom and Rozzie moved into a darling Victorian house last year with the strange idea that we would restore it. I'm not sure what makes us think we can even begin to attempt this, as we own about 3 power tools between the 2 of us (and 2 of them are the same sander) I'm thinking it has something to do with our other shared obsession of reading decorator magazines. So, this has been an experience of being rather cold and uncomfortable during the winters and pretty filthy the rest of the time! (I'm telling you, you've never seen "old" dirt in a yard until you've been to their house). SO...Rozzie has bunkbeds in her room, and no one in my family sleeps on a regular mattress, well, maybe my dad...So, our layering usually consists of a futon mattress and various other things trying to make that more comfortable. I was up to 2 futons and 3 feather beds at one point...before I got my tempurpedic-type mattress and mattress toppers (2) and a featherbed...it's like a large nest! So...last night we unpacked this wonderful mattress topper and put it on top of her futon...with a feather bed topping it!
We almost had a small incident because we were in disagreement about the order of things...was the feather bed supposed to go under or over? So, I'm thinking that things may change from time to time...but at least Rozzie is going to be comfy from here on out...although I see my mom needing one of these as well...she's up to 2 futons and 3 featherbeds...one of which I think she uses as a blanket...It's darned COLD in that house!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Rozzie all snuggled up ready for bed...Her's is the tiny head at the far left (on the top). If you look closely, you'll see the little bear she made last Sunday, all snuggled up on the bottom bunk!

22 February 2006

Happy 11th anniversary!!!

Well, Snap Snap and I are celebrating our 11 year anniversary today! 11 years ago when I was 25 (yes, Cody...still older than you!) I opened my resale clothing store. I am absolutely amazed and in awe of this accomplishment!

I was reminiscing today and reflecting on what an all around amazing experience it has been to have my store. Snap Snap has seen me through a marriage and a divorce, the buying of 2 homes... the selling one of them, the birth of a beautiful niece, various employees, gaining weight...loosing it again, and so much more life change than I can even remember...good, bad, beautiful and bittersweet!
How could I have known when I was so young, what a stabilizing influence this opportunity would be? I have learned so much about myself...reinvented my life so many times, and this is the one constant I could walk into day after day...something that I would have a little control over when so many things have fallen apart...and needed to be recreated!
I rediscovered my creativity year after year...and have been inspired so many times to explore new things...try something different, to stretch beyond where I thought I could go, and learn to work and live in new ways. I painted a new sign for the shop this last year and was so amazed at my ability and the pure beauty of the painting, that I shocked even myself! (and yes...that is a monkey playing a lute sitting on the moon...he is very fancy!) A customer came in and remarked to me, "wow you're and artist!" to which my only reply was, "yeah, I guess I am!" Sometimes, I need a reminder.
And then, when I look around at the walls of the shop...some of them painted with the help of my family members...

I remember that yes...I am an artist...

working in the medium of my life.

Self Portrait Tuesday (or, the fabric obsession continues)

OK...first off let me tell you that I am so excited about my blog, I keep returning to it everytime I am on the computer. I'm not sure what I am looking for, perhaps for someone to have updated it? Then it hits me that this is entirely my own creation...hahahaha...so here goes....

It's here! My wonderful new fabric from ReproDepot!
I know...I said self portrait Tuesday...but really, what is better than portraits of sock monkeys on fabric (no less??) I've decided to wait until next month to fully immerse myself in actual self portraits...just because of this month's challenge, and I hate to come into the middle of a challenge! (excuses, excuses)
So, luckily the fabric obsession is alive and well in my entire family...as this package finally arrived on President's Day (good ole' UPS) and my mother excitedly called me from the shop. I have all packages sent there because there's usually someone there to receive them...I had, up until then, been sitting in my PJ's working on the big project I started this Creative Sunday (and didn't actually get out of my PJ's until 1:30...Thank you very much!) and was then motivated to actually shower and take a rousing walk with my favorite date...The NANO...and run down to the shop and open the fabric box...since I promised my mother I would do it in front of her! Wahoo...2 whole yards of this. I'm thinking that I will make a quilted wall hanging and maybe some smaller portraits I paint on canvas!

More monkeys ????
I know what you're saying to yourself...Yes, I am totally in love with sock monkeys, I am totally obsessed with fabric...and the two together...pure monkey heaven!
This fabric I found at the local Joann's fabric store...it is flannel and was on sale (I KNOW!!!) so I grabbed it up and carried it around the store trying to decide how much yardage to buy...until my mother, who was rolling her eyes by this time said, "really, what's the issue...? It's less than $2.00/yard (I KNOW!!!) how much of it is there?" which lead to me running up to the cutting counter and demanding all of it! Yes, I am the proud mommy of 6 yards of flannel sock monkey fabric!
I happily skipped out of the store...

19 February 2006

Sunday February 19th...

Today's Participants:
  • Sadira
  • Rozzilyn
  • Mama
This was Rozzilyn's first Creative Sunday! She and mama came over for the afternoon session. Rozzilyn was working on some really cute bears from a Japanese card she received. As you can see, she drew the pattern first (the tiny one on the right) the same size as the image on the card, which we decided was a bit too small to make and stuff. So, my mom drew a rough guide to exactly how tall it should be...so she stretched it out (how cute is that???) Then...I drew the top of the head and ears onto a piece of paper and she was able to draw the rest by herself...and as you can see by the image on the right...the one cut out by itself...it is perfect!

We cut the pieces out of felt, and she glued all the accent pieces on...and drew the details on each bear with a sharpie, and then stuffed them with stuffing. They turned out really cute! She did an amazing job! The brown one is for her to keep, and the other one she is sending to Thais!
And the really great thing is, my mom said that when they got home...Rozzie said she wanted to learn how to sew...and my mom has been trying to get her interested in that for some time now!
(I do believe she may be inspired!)

Pants From a Dress!

My mother's project for the afternoon was making a pair of pants for Rozzie out of an old rayon embroidered house dress that she wore out. They look so great...I love the way that one of the cuffs has the button holes from the front of the dress on them, and on the other cuff, there are the buttons!
(now you can see where I get some of my creative flair from)

This is Ms. Rozz wearing the pants...they fit her great! My mom loves the back of the pants because they're all gathered up and look like jodphurs...most of my childhood memories consist of my mom ooohing and aaahing over jodphurs wich is odd because I grew up in Southern California, and we weren't horsey people...(or English, for that matter!)

This is my mother who is patiently using my vintage Singer Featherweight we use for sewing...it is the end of the day, and the machine is being really cranky...this is after a full day of sewing. Which lead to a lot of sighing and rolling of eyes!
Who knows, maybe it's tired?
(on another note...we may have talked ourselves into buying a serger!)

I am in the middle of a huge project right now, so I am not going to publish any pictures of it until I am done...sorry, you'll have to wait! So, at the end of the day, cranky sewing machine and all, I whipped up this scrap bag...for all of our material scraps. It is made out of a vintage kitchen towel my mother gave me (does anyone else have a vintage kitchen linen obsession? Seriously, everyone knows not to let me go to the kitchen linen section of any store any more! And, if I manage to sneak over there...they must wrestle me to the ground and run off with anything I have "just happened to pick up") I really love the way the bag turned out...it had been made into a curtain, so I just stitched up the other side to match it and ran some red ribbon with white polka-dots through the top of it.

This is the amazing snack that was provided courtesy of my mother! Ginger cookies and cornmeal cookies...the cornmeal cookies taste a lot like sugar cookies...only much better!

After snacking and crafting, we bundled up and went for a quick walk around the neighborhood, as it was a little too cold to stay out for long!

14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Everyone here at Foolsewood (that's what I named my house...I mean, my estate) wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!
This is the dapper Diego RaVegas who, as you can see, is dressed in his finest tuxedo for the holiday.
(He was helping us make our valentines!)
Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Rozzie!
I woke up on Valentine's day and was inspired to make Rozzie a little bag using the sushi fabric she liked from the bag I made for myself. I used the same fabric for the lining that I used for my own bag and was able to use up all of the left over ribbon as well. I filled it with 8 organinc truffles I got from Trader Joe's...one for every day of the week and one to share with mama (or maybe vice-versa?). The "wrapped" box is NagChampa soap that my mom and I were oogling at New Frontiers last weekend...not that she smells bad, mind you, but now she'll smell even better! I used scraps from all my bag making to wrap it...does anyone see a theme here?
I am loving having the sewing machine within easy reach...and with all my new fabric, it's hard not to be inspried to create!
A few weeks ago Audree, Tashi, Zack and I were working on our Valentines cards...the above ones are mine. I really enjoy working with paper, it's one of my favorite mediums. I think it is so fun to cut shapes and create...and then use all the left over scraps to create even more!
I used the new 20 scissor set of different edges that Bree got me for Christmas this year...the first of many times I will use them, I'm sure!
These are the Vallentine's that Audree, Tashi and Zack made for their family...and one really lucky Cody!

12 February 2006

Sunday February 12th...

Today's Participants:
  • Audree
  • Chelsie
  • Cody
  • Sadira
This was a fun Sunday...After what seemed like a long time...(and looking back I realize it's been 2 weeks since we've had a Creative Sunday) Audree, Chelsie, Cody and I gathered together again!I made this bag from Simplicity pattern #4391...I was waffling between a messenger bag, a laptop bag...and made kind of a regular purse for myself in the end! I just got this fabric from Cia's Pallette...and think it's the funnest sushi fabric
This is a close up showing the geometric fabric I used for the lining I really enjoy the way it compliments the bright colors in the sushi fabric...(notice the lovely inside pockets as well!) I was looking for white fabric with oriental writing on it...but am excited about the way this turned out even more...(I can hear my mom's voice in my head telling me how much easier it is to keep the darker colors from looking dirty...hi mom!!) I also fell in love with the ribbon I used for the side straps and the shoulder strap...It isn't as heavy duty as nylon webbing...but I liked this sooo much better! The only issue I have with the bag is that it is so deep, and I keep loosing my wallet in it...but at least I can carry everything I need!
I have quite a bit of the sushi fabric left over and am contemplating making a matching cell phone bag and a special bag for the other love of my life...my iPod nano!

This was the weekend that Cody, the resident computer genius, set up the Blog for me! Yay Cody!! I didn't take any pictures of him on the actual day...both of these pictures were taken on Valentine's day at my mom's house (our "romantic" Raw food dinner...just the 4 of us...Cody, Rozzie, my mom and me!) Yes, among all of the other things my mom does...she eats an all Raw Foods diet...it was beyond delicious!

Cody is drinking Chai tea and "fixing" the blog. This is due to my insatiable curiosity..."what does this button do?" Well, Sadira...it turns everything black! So, in the words of my fabulous sister I yelled "Oh F!!!" and then proceeded to cry on Cody's shoulder until he could fix the problem. Cody gently reminds me that the more mistakes I make, the more I have a chance to learn about the computer! I need to remember that the computer and the blog are just another creative process...using a medium I am not familliar with.
So you'll be happy to know that we're still not sure we fixed the problem...so it's always fun when I publish my page, to see what will really happen!


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