30 March 2009

Bling and Sparkle...

I am starting out with an apology.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that we were so swamped and so distracted and then so tired that we did not take a picture of us at Rich's Photo Show. I know that I promised...but, in the end, I just couldn't make it happen. To set the stage (and justify the reason for no picture taking) at most art shows, and especially the Fourth Friday Art Walk in Prescott, there is usually a large crowd milling about (larger still when it's warmer outside and more conducive to gallery hopping) and when you add free snacks, wine and entertainment...well, there is a recipe for fun! Which ends in exhaustion and being a little overwhelmed and overstimulated...and not in the picture taking mood. So, there's that.

I guess we'll have to wait to see me in my red gown until later (It will give me extra time to tighten up one of the button holes...one of the buttons keeps popping out because the button hole seems to be a little loose, which makes me stand around with my arm at a weird angle, holding my hand in place over the area. It may help to picture Napoleon right about now...only wearing a red dress. And without that hat...and with navy tights and a pair of shoes that were about a half size too big, making me walk with quick close together steps so that I would not walk out of them all together...which was fun to see in various crosswalks around town I'm sure.)

And Sunday? Oh Sunday...well, it was a little hop out of the house to buy a birthday present...for me. I know. It's a bit off till my birthday, but I fell in love with this Erickson Beamon necklace from Target (of all places...but if you check out the prices of this couture jewelry, you'll see that while a bit pricey for Target...it's a darned good deal!) and I have been stalking the Target site for months hoping that the jewelry will go on sale only to watch it sell out on the website...which made me feel the need to hop in the car asap and grab this necklace while it was still available.

I got the last one.

And, I did wear it to another birthday lunch yesterday (Happy Birthday Ellen!) The necklace is on a 20 inch chain and hangs below my chest, but above my belly button...and the craziness of the rhinestones combined with the pearls and the fun large shape make for a great statement in a wearable disco ball sort of way. I was worried that this is such a flashy piece that I would not be able to wear it a lot...but I couldn't get it out of my head (there's also a rhinestone flower necklace and matching cuff that I am now coveting as well, and although I'm not a huge jewelry wearer...I'm finding myself wanting to wear jewelry more and more lately, pausing to grab the perfect ear rings out of the collection to put on while flying out the door)

This rhinestone and pearl ball fits in my hand perfectly, and is large enough that I need to be careful to not bang it against things while I'm wearing it, practice practice practice...but I'm finding myself thinking all the different things it's going to look good with...

But not the red dress. It definitely will not look good with that...

27 March 2009

Little Red Dress...

And, the garment that I'm wearing to Rich's One Man Show tonight.

Among other things, the crazy Prescott spring weather (as is gusty wind blowing in cold fronts yesterday/today and then being nice and warmish just in time for more wind on Sunday...yes, my first day off. Rats.) has helped me make this a final choice (I have a lovely black and white floral number that was in the running as well, but it's a halter dress so I figure that's going to be a leeetle too cold, and will have to wait until another special occasion instead..I don't think I could handle running around with bare shoulders tonight) then again, I suppose the little red dress is not really the final choice until I step out of the house, but it happens to be the only one hanging on my canopy waiting patiently for me to come home this afternoon and get ready (there's some navy blue tights draped over the foot board too, if you must know...and the jury is still out on the perfect shoes...) I'm feeling very good about this choice, because I do adore this little red dress...and I've only had the chance to wear it once so far, and it fits me like it was made specifically for my body (thank you Anthropologie)

Perhaps I'll even have a picture taken and post it for you...it's been a while since I've had a picture of Rich and I to post for the blog.

I hope that whatever you do this weekend...it is a lot fun! And if you have a list...remember to try and find a few pauses to have fun...

25 March 2009

Bowl Cut...


I love them.

I know you're asking yourself out of all the bowls in the world, which one's make the cut? I know these are the thoughts that wake me up at 3 am...well that, and if I keep finding things to collect, how will I fit them in my house? Or better yet...who's going to dust all this stuff?

Believe me, I've already thought of these things...in the wee hours. Which is kind of why it's more thrilling for me to collect things that are more usable in my daily world, rather than a whole lot of things that collect dust. Yes, I still have dust collectors hanging around, and yes the bowls collect dust...but, they're easy to take down, clean out and use.

The plastic colorful
vintage bowls are some of my favorites...and a lot are courtesy of my father. I adore these bowls...I love to use them whenever I'm having company, a party, or when I take them to a party. They are so festive, and usually get a lot of comments whenever I bring them out. And of course, they are crazy fantastic to display in the kitchen...

Adding to my colorful Foolsewoode ambiance.

I've got them in big and little sizes...weird shapes and all sorts of different colors. I wish I could pick out a favorite to show you, but my favorites change with season and use.

Because I'm fickle like that.

Right now though?
This one is my favorite. I just acquired it yesterday at the thrift, and happily skipped home with it and put my lemons in it. It's just what I needed, a beautiful springtime pastel blue lemon holder (both a sweet shape and an equally sweet little bit of foot down at the bottom...) for my stash of fantastically sweet and amazing lemons from Bill and Larry...and for $4, it is the perfect addition to my collection of bowls.

24 March 2009


...Or was it Dewey? Who knows...we went to both places, I don't know...once I leave Prescott, I'm apt to say, "good golly...there's a whole world out here?" Which makes me confuse town names and then faint from shock.


Both Dewey and Mayer are tiny northern Arizona ghost towns with quite a few people still living in them. Both places have small historic down towns (and we can say that a little loosely here, as they're each one street) and some of the cutest little houses. I can usually pick out a place I would love to live in most of the places we've visited...you know? With a little tlc and whatnot.

Whatever the case, it was a short trip...I was absolutely itching to go out hiking this weekend, but there were 40+ mph winds...which kind of made it hard to open the car door and drive...much less walk or hike.

You'll be happy to know as I sit and look outside, there is no wind. Isn't that the way sometimes? Beautiful pre-springtime weather all week, leaving you gaze out the windows while at work...the weekend gets here and it's a crazy windstorm...Which also blew a cold front in (Also? I have a whole outfit layed out to wear, and the weather just will not cooperate, leaving me to wonder when exactly I'll get to wear it? Sometimes I lay out an outfit ahead of time...you know? Just to be totally prepared. Or neurotic. Take your pick.) So, it was both cold and windy.

Which made it the perfect weekend to go see The Watchmen as well. Which was a good movie. Long, action packed and quite graphic...both violently and um...nakedy. Since I didn't know anything about The Watchmen previously, I was surprised and entertained. Which are both good things when one is paying $6.50 to see a 3-hour movie that you can't pause to use the restroom during (or talk...we're both big talkers during movies.) There was a couple of parts I had to look away during the movie, but Rich totally understands and tells me that when it's safe to look back. Isn't that nice?

I suppose it's better than him listening to me shrieking or otherwise flipping out...cause' that happens a lot when we drive out of town already (see above)

Again. Kidding. Totally Kidding.

19 March 2009

Good-Bye Winter...

On this the last day official day of Winter...I bid you, Winter, a healthy Good-bye (!!!) Excuse me if I give you a little shove out the door...feel free to take a Hershey's Coconut Filled Kiss with you...but, this year Winter? I don't really feel like we were friends. I feel more like we kind of struggled with each other while we tried to co-exist together. Usually, I love you..I love to slow down, rest and watch things die to then be reborn in the first breath of Spring. This year though? I felt like I was out of step and struggling from the beginning, and perhaps it was my reluctance to face up to certain things or even let go? Maybe we'll never know...but Spring? Rebirth? I have high hopes for you...

Come in and sit down. Stay a while...lets hold hands and sit in the sun and soak it all up. Let's go on hikes and stop and watch the flowers bloom...Let's carry up that silly laundry basket that has been holding the Easter Eggs I accidentally forgot to put away (and has been sitting waiting for this moment for an entire year already...giggle) Spring? I have been feeling the subtle shift already and welcome you with open arms...

Let's play Spring...

18 March 2009

Beware of Cat...


What a day yesterday!
After arriving early at Snap Snap, I spent the rest of my time there pricing and hanging clothes (hanging close to 200 items...and I have more today to deal with as well.) I am thinking I've officially run out of room...but I'm sure I'll find some extra that I've stowed away somewhere. Days like that usually mean that I'm on my feet running to and fro...even when I'm eating lunch.


So, after going
to my mom's house to visit, I wearily came home and put my feet up on the couch and passed out with a good book. As you can see, no green beer needed here to pass out on St. Patrick's Day, Irish or no.

After coming to (and talking to Rich on the phone for our nightly good-night phone call) I was psyching myself up to move off the couch and into bed when Meena jumped up on the arm of the couch next to me. All of a sudden she became very alert and looked towards the front door and growled.

Yes. She growled.

She also puffed up her tail and her spiky ridge back/back Mohawk, and immediately ran towards the door in cat attack mode...but the growling is what threw me. I don't think I've ever heard her growl. Or any cat growl for that matter.

Do cat's even growl?

Apparently they do.

I was a bit hesitant to move towards the door after this reaction...I mean, I've seen this cat sit calmly looking out the window while whole herds of javellina parade around in the front yard, only stopping to turn her head and raise her eyebrow at me as if to say, "are you seeing this?"...or skunks played their little skunk games (I had a family of 4 baby skunks that used to dance around in the front yard, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.) She doesn't even bat an eye at skunks (of course, that could be due to the fact that she got sprayed by a skunk once, which resulted in the two of us taking a bath in the kitchen sink together...skunks have been on her naughty list ever since then) What on earth would make a cat growl?

A large dog in a burglar mask?
An army of armed mice?
Someone who previously stepped on her tail?

I peeked out the door turning on the light but I didn't see anything, but Meena jumped up and sat on the top of the couch on the pillow right above my head...such the protector. I'm wondering if Meena attends some kind of self defence classes when I'm not here...maybe she has some DVD's on her NetFlix Que. At any rate, I feel so much safer at night knowing I'm totally protected now. Of course, it will help if any intruder would be short enough (or timid enough) to be totally overwhelmed by a growling cat.

Then again...I was, so there may be hope yet.

17 March 2009

The Top O' The Mornin'...

...And have a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

I would like to reveal to you of all sorts of St. Patrick's Day celebrations over my way...I am indeed of Irish descent (and after reading of the history of Irish immigrants in this country...it's amazing that anyone would want to take part of a pint of Guinness...but there you go. Melting Pot=forgive and forget) I will be spending this Irish holiday at work, meeting a client early at the shop to field the 8+ boxes of clothing I know she'll have...and then off to Mom and Rozz's tonight, where we'll probably not drink any green beer...but seeing as my mother is on a raw food diet...

perhaps we'll have a green salad instead.

(Thank you Google images for the above vintage goodness)

16 March 2009

Full Fun Weekend...

This weekend was a great one...

On Saturday,
about 10 minutes before it was time to close Snap Snap, my old friend Marla and her son Matthew came to visit (not to suggest Marla is old...I've just happened to know her a long time) I was only a teeny bit delayed, because I forgot to do some necessary paperwork (ahem...) but, I was able to close sooner after that, and we raced to Foolsewoode to start the weekend.

I had planned on having a get-together, so the three of us went to work making all sorts of foodstuffs. Luckily, Marla lives somewhere that has a Trader Joes, has a cooler...and went shopping for all sorts of goodies before she got here. We made:

*shrimp salad (with scallions, apples, cucumbers, almonds and shrimp) served in Endive leaves
*Crostini with blanched asparagus, smoked salmon and Gruyère cheese, lightly broiled
*Orzo with wilted arugula, garlic, (a splash of wine) toasted pine nuts, heirloom tomatoes with fresh grated Parmesan and crumbles prosciutto on top.

Can you say yum?

It was great! I don't usually make ton's of food when I have these little get togethers, because it's not that easy to do by oneself...but with the three of us? We made quick work of all the goodies!

Sunday was spent running to Snap Snap to help Marla find some good clothes (yes, you sometimes get special perks when you know the owner...like personal shopping in a shop all to yourself) We then ran out to Chili's for lunch with Claudine and Amy...as Claudine also kindly met up with us this weekend as well! And Marla really wanted to take Matthew rock climbing...because he likes that kind of stuff. Luckily I know a great guy who happens to also like climbing around in rocks.

We think Matthew had a good time...but being a teenager, it's sometimes hard to tell (giggle...he actually smiled more than a couple of times while he was jumping around in The Dells) Then we headed home, gave Matthew some space and ran out for some evening snacks at The Prescott Brewing Company...which is always a great place for snacks. It was also incredibly busy and filled with very buff very handsome men...which is a little odd for Prescott. I guess there is some sort of training camp in town for firemen that is going on right now? My goodness.

Matthew and Marla
left earlier today, after I took them to The Dinner Bell for a big breakfast. Marla wanted to go hop around on the rocks again, but I am just exhausted. I had such a great weekend with all the fun and such a challenging week last week...that I'm plumb tuckered out. I plan to just rest for the rest of the day before I jump out to the Airstream for my usual Monday night TV night fun...

I am so glad I got to see Marla, Matthew, and Claudine! Now that it is feeling as if it's finally getting warmer (we won't talk about the sleet that was falling on Saturday morning) I will be wanting to entertain more...well, and be entertained!

13 March 2009

Is There a T-Shirt For This...

Yesterday was successful...although certainly full, and non-stop, and chaotic. Leaving my head spinning, my mouth yawning, and my body aching.

Is it me, or has this week been like that?

*I am still not caught up at Snap Snap...but, I will be in time.


*I did my taxes. Not quite what I was expecting...but, I will be fine.


*I am almost done with crazy little errands that aren't specifically life-threatening, but still need to be completed by today.


*I am almost done cleaning, dusting, straightening, and vacuuming the house...and looking forward to Marla B. visiting this weekend.

breathe (although excitedly)

I also decided
to have an impromptu celebration for myself yesterday in the form of a chocolate chip cookie from the Heath Food here in town (those are my favorite cookie they make...plus? I often treat myself with a cookie after taxes. Perhaps it's a Pavlov thing...) As I unwrapped the cookie yesterday afternoon, I realized that I was so out of it when I was at the shop, I actually bought an oatmeal raisin one instead. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some oatmeal raisin...but I really had my mouth all set for chocolate chip.



munch on wrong cookie.

This is what happens when I have an ultra chaotic week...

breathe anyway.

I am looking forward to having a different kind of weekend, with friends and a little wine, aptly named Wine & Women : Prescott Version 1.0...Marla named the weekend. Can you tell she was in a sorority?

I keep forgetting
to ask her if she wants me to make a t-shirt for the weekend.

Aren't girls fun?!

11 March 2009

Oh. Wednesday Already?

I mean...

It's only Wednesday?!?!?

You mean I've only been back to work for 2 (count 'em two) days and I feel like I've already run a marathon?

Yes, yesterday was a full moon, crazy and chaotic...and it was busy at the shop to boot. I sold my weight in clothes, and probably put out twice as much...(which is a lot) I'm currently changing Snap Snap over from fall/winter to spring/summer. This is a big endeavor which means, marking down, re organizing, shuffling, making room...and usually running out of hangers...

check. check. check...

I am sitting at home with my head spinning, my feet throbbing and mostly not being able to feel my body from my waist down.


Not that I'm complaining one little bit...this good kind of exhaustion just always seems to sneak up on me when the change of season is upon us, it's kind of like the gale force winds that blow through here every spring...blowing the last of winter out and ushering the spring in...oh yeah I forgot about those. Again. It makes hiding Easter eggs touch and go from year to year...then again, so does the surprise weird late winter snows...

Up until this point, I've hunted Easter eggs in the house as much as I've hunted them outside the house.

I have good friends
coming into town this weekend...which means I need to make a bit more of a sweep (or vacuum as it may be) of the house. Maybe a mop too. I also need to fold clean laundry...and put things away. The things are starting to take over you know. I am worried that they will rebel entirely and then we'll be in real trouble. I'm having a hard time sitting with my feet up on the couch and listing all the things in my head and not doing them.

I also have
a crazy long list of things to do tomorrow, starting with a 6am visit to the gym and ending when I get home from yoga at 7pm. Oh heck. That's more than 12 hours isn't it?

And this is the reason I need a foot massage...

10 March 2009

Is it the Full Moon...

Or just me?

...Or was it just a wacky kind of day?

Lot's of people...lot's of energy...A long day, but a good one...but one that deserves a handful of Junior Mints.

(image courtesy of Google...even though I would LOVE to take credit...It wasn't me)

09 March 2009

Camp ToCheck...

(this is what we named the camp after we decided to request the letter M stricken from the alphabet, in our list of demands...um, yeah. There was a lot of that kind of silliness going around this weekend in Wickenburg...)

Up and out
of here on Saturday, where I enjoyed a wonderful trip down with DaNece...good chats and a fantastic way to start our camping journey. Wickenburg isn't that far down the hill from Prescott, and we didn't necessarily have a destination in mind, as Tom and DaNece were just down in the area scouting it out a few weekends ago...and we ended up staying somewhere totally different than we planned. Way off the road, off another road and in the middle of seemingly nowhere...which was evidenced by the hiking of two separate hills/mountains on Sunday, to check out our location.


Out in the middle of nowhere...(can you see our tiny tents out there in the plains?? Just squint, we're there)

Except for the cows.

There were lots of cows with lots of mooing. There was also a train, but we didn't see that until Monday morning while we were enjoying the sun coming up...

This weekend was
a beautiful one in Arizona. I reveled in being outside, seeing the wildflowers and some darned crazy beautiful lichen, being warm, and watching the clouds play across the backdrop that is my home.

It was nice and warm during the day, with a bit of a cloud cover (making it not too warm) during the day, and still a bit chilly at night. All I can say is, thank goodness for Smart Wool (...just thin enough to fit perfectly under my PJ's, and help to keep me warm and cozy no matter what the weather decides to do.) which came in handy, because I didn't realize until my nap on the second day, in between hiking, that my sleeping bag was inside out. Yeah. Um. I actually just got this sleeping bag...Mountain Hardware...and had never used it. I had washed it (I bought it on the secondary market...so it's missing it's bag as well, which I need to remedy with a stuff sack) and honestly? I was toasty the first night even though I was in the bag the wrong way...but the next night? Well...I was downright warm (go figure right?)

I kind of had to giggle at myself (because otherwise I'd have to admit that I am nuts) seeings as we need to admit the truth, I was a bit nervous. You see, I love camping. I've only done car camping as an adult (backpacking with my dad in my youth) and only after I was married. I haven't been camping since my divorce (which seems like a loooong time ago) and I haven't put up the tent by myself, packed by myself, or cooked by myself, or camped by myself. All those by my selfs really added up in my head...but, right when we pulled out at the perfect spot and let the camp dogs loose to run, Tom and DaNece both ran over to help pitch my tent. I was grateful. Perhaps after the sleeping bag debacle, I should have accepted more help? (Well...you should see how I folded the tent up...that's a major problem in itself. In my defence, it was very windy this morning, and I will attempt to put it away later...)

All in all...it was a wonderful trip. We had lots of fun and giggles and outright side splitting laughter! It must be said that Tom is a great sport, because DaNece cracks me up...and we were a bit nutty at times with crazy jokes and scenarios (it's fun to have dogs along when you camp because you can make them say all sorts of things.) We had tons of great food...complete with fantastic camp snacks (really camp junk-food which is defined as the junk you only bring on a camping trip because you would be too big to leave the house otherwise, and really...it's something extra to look forward to when camping...like marshmallows and thin mints for breakfast) The hiking was fantastic, and the wildflowers were out in abundance. I can say with all certainty that this trip totally renewed my excitement about camping. Now I want to get out more! I also want to try backpacking soon. I've always wanted to try backpacking and the closest I've gotten (except for when I was little) is buying an external frame backpack.

That's close, right?

It was a totally
successful camping trip (I even lived through the nighttime bathroom trips...putting my head lamp on and stumbling around in the desert) and the trip did everything that I thought it would. Relaxation, hiking, camping...laughing. Scenting my hair with the smell of woodsmoke for days...making me appreciate indoor plumbing even more? No...really, it was the change of scenery and a big break and a renewed sense of inspiration...I got it all.

As a couple of asides: the Mexican restaurant Anita's Cocina in Wickenburg is top notch. The food is fantastic...and Wickenburg is not a fun place to walk around when it's cold and windy (luckily this was our last day out, so that was fine)

An iPod is a great accessory to bring camping with you. Not only can you listen to some great tunes on the way to your destination...a bit of an episode of your favorite program is a fun way to wind down...

And, wouldn't you know? I found myself changing into what was almost my entire Life is Good wardrobe this trip. Tops, hats...Wow. Me likey the Life is Good products...and hey, after all is said and done...good friends? Good dogs? Good camping?

Life really is good isn't it?

06 March 2009


On this weekend's agenda?


I am taking a breather from packing up Honey for the big trip with Tombo and DaNece this weekend...actually I've packed up everything that can go in the car (not the food yet) but all the water, tent, sleeping pad, and other various and sundry things that one may need in the wilds of the desert. Which, of course, includes a lovely picknic basket that houses my granite wear I use specifically for camping. I figure this kind of sums up my idea of camping...I have a bit of a romantic idea of camping and sleeping out of doors under the stars, and have stuff just to make this happen for me. Special towels and napkins, a futon sleeping pad, my pillow from home...I use to joke with my ex that we were kind of setting up a harem by the time we got done unpacking...and I would totally bring twinkle lights if I could figure out a way to rig them up in a campsite. I have always swooned when I see pictures of safaris...all the lanterns and accessories...of course, I imagine this to be in the 1930's, but whatever.

I usually camp for comfort...of course, I haven't backpacked since I was a wee one, and would love to do that again soon, but until then...I pack comfy things and instead enjoy the luxury.

I haven't actually been
camping since I my divorce, and it's really high time. Cheers to my ex, who was quite organized and good at packing and stacking...it was quite easy to find all the things I need to bring with me this weekend. The hard part was lugging it up the stairs by myself and packing it by myself...but I managed. I'm also a little nervous about setting up the tent and campsite...but I know that TomBo and DaNece will certainly lend a hand...

Rich is coming home today (and currently on the road) so we will spend a brief amount of time together this evening before I come home and get up and go for a few days...where I won't be able to plug in and charge my cell (or my twinkle lights...) so I'll have to be sparing with my battery life. I am really looking forward to getting away and seeing a new change of scenery. I am so happy that TomBo and DaNece are willing to plan this trip with me...I am looking forward to relaxing (I've been working very hard lately) I packed the camp chair with the built in footrest for reading and chillin', and an umbrella for the shade, in case the insane winds calm down. I am bringing the Canon Elph to capture our mini vacation instead of the larger 10D...I think we'll be doing some great hiking, and sometimes the 10D is a lot to carry...I am currently charging all the electronic batteries all up...

Since I have so many more digital gadgets, I'm now trying to figure out if it's cheating to take my iPod so I can watch a few episodes of Pushing Daisies while I'm gone as well...

Have a wonderful weekend...and I'll see you here in this space on Tuesday!

04 March 2009

Workin' It Out...

The Gym.

It's still happening...and usually during the wee hours of the day.

This morning after
joyfully jumping into my work out clothes and skipping to the door with the keys in my hand (and faking it until I make it...by getting dressed, yawning a lot and stumbling towards the door...) I stepped outside into the brilliant pre-dawn of a new day (that part was totally true) and thought with the gentle breeze and the smell of the high desert I live in...that it smelled a bit like Anza Boreggo...which made me miss Rich. But, on the other hand, it made me feel like maybe we were a bit connected because we're both early risers, and I know he was going to get up and take an early hike today...but on the other hand still, it is an hour earlier in California, so I'm sure he probably wasn't up quite yet. But, I went with feeling connected anyway.

Cause' that's how I roll.

When I arrived at the gym, I noticed that I happened to be timing my morning with another man in my life. This man is an elderly gentleman, who was probably once very very handsome (I can say this with authority because he still is quite a looker, albeit a slow mover...) man. He held the door for me when he noticed me and winked...and put his hand on my shoulder to welcome me to my morning work out. I thanked him in a loud voice, enunciating my words and speaking slowly (I think he's a bit hard of hearing) He is such a nice man. He walks around the gym in between lifting weights, and has a smile, or a kind word for everyone. My favorite though, are his thumbs up. He thumbs up everyone...and I remember when I first started working out, he gave me a lot of encouraging words to boot.

The other day
while I was sitting on the butter-fly machine working out my pecs (I know...don't I sound like a weight lifter?) he leaned over and said, "do you want to see something beautiful?" Usually with people in my age group or younger, I would have hesitated...but I said, "Sure! What?" He then pointed in front of us and said, "Look right into that mirror"


I usually try
to avoid doing that when I'm working out and sweating. But, it was still very nice to hear that...so early in the morning, you know? Before I showered, did my hair or put my face on? I appreciate the flattery (even though I'm not the only one he interacts with this way...it's still very sweet)

I'm happy with
the relationship I'm in...and this gentleman has asked me with a wink if I was married or had a boyfriend...and when I said yes, he exaggerated a big snap and a sigh. But one can't help but think of the perks of dating someone older...

I mean there are
the obvious attractions of being with someone who has already been through what you've gone through (but, I suppose I could just get a mentor) Or the fact that I go to bed early and wake up late...so there is a shared companionship there. The fact that he's hard of hearing, so I could talk and ramble on, and if I said something stupid without thinking first, I would have some lag time to take it back or change it to something else. The whole senior citizen discount is kind of appealing as well in this economy. And I know of women who have married older men for money and stability...but, as I've giggled thinking about it, the biggest perk?

It has to be the handicapped license plate this man has...then you could park wherever you wanted.

Image abovenabbed from photosearch, cause I'm not sure you want to see me working out...

03 March 2009

A Whole Lot of Nuts...


There's been a lot going on around here...including the vacuuming of the ceilings I'll have you know (it's the dusty spiderwebs that are doing it) I have moved furniture away from walls, gotten on my hands and knees to vacuum under things that are too heavy to move (my shoulder already hurts from the repetitive motion that comes from moving the vacuum back and forth) I have organized, sorted, put things in piles, bags and boxes to get rid of or put away...I even went through and culled a button box (which may sound a bit crazy, but I have 3 or 4 button boxes and that sounds even more crazy to me, so I took a large bag of buttons to a new home yesterday) And, I haven't even started on the downstairs yet. ugh.

I have also
been preparing for an upcoming camping trip this next weekend...and I am kind of worried about the now cloudy and colder weather coming our way. We're going to a lower elevation, but I'm really not wanting to camp in rain.

I just got the first season of Pushing Daisies from the library, and have fallen in love with how adorable it is. The sets, the colors, the cast, the costumes and the dialogue is all fantastic...I took it over to Megan's yesterday and we giggled through a couple of episodes.

And I've been mulling. Mulling over ideas, and situations in my life. I have so much to say about it, but oddly...I can't seem to put it into words here. I think maybe it's too private? I know it's a horrible thing to admit that I'm mulling and then not fess up...but I don't know how to right now. I can tell you that nothing ever has an easy solution does it? And usually, once I find myself thinking that I have a handle on what a solution may be, the entire thing shifts under my feet. Historically, I'm more of a do-er and right now, I need to be a sit with it-er (I'd really like to be a get this out of my life-er and mind-er) This sitting with it is somewhat uncomfortable (and honestly, feels like it's been going on since November of last year...which is resulting in either crying from the "seriousness" of life, or breaking into laughter over the "seriousness" of life) because I can't shut my mind off and I feel like I think about, or obsess about the things going on in my life. Which sometimes leads to bad sleep...and confusing blog entries.

Good heavens.

It's Nuts.

I'm practicing
taking lots of deep breaths and not looking to far ahead. I'm practicing getting to a place where I can be clear with myself. I'm practicing appreciating the happy moments in my life, and realizing that no matter what gifts you possess...sometimes you just flounder around.

And I'm also practicing looking forward to Dina and I getting together this Wednesday...

Maybe I'll just occupy my mind with that.


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