31 January 2007

Violently ill...

Ok, first off, be happy there is no picture to accompany this particular post...as after eating lunch at the shop yesterday (only salad and a LaRaw bar...nothing too crazy) I started to feel nauseous.

Really nauseous...

And, boy was I sick. So sick I was a little surprised and worried. I thought maybe it was a food thing, but at some point my inner mother kicked in and said..."nope, not your garden variety food thing here kiddo"

My mother would never say anything like that. She's always suggesting things for me to take that "will settle your stomach" Yesterday it was a Altoids Ginger thing. I remember the time she made me drink Perrier when I was little , because we had no Sprite...then again, my mother never kept anything like that in the house (and that sparkling water incident made me wary to have SanPelligrino when I was in Italy the first time)...unfortunately, most of her suggestions just end up making me throw up...

Suffice it to say, I closed the shop a half hour early (something that I hate to do, unless it's for fun reasons, or I have an appointment) and shuffled home. I was so out of it at this point, that I walked about halfway down the sidewalk in the rain, before I talked myself into going back to the shop and getting the umbrella I keep for times just like this, so I wouldn't be pukey and soaked by the time I got home...

Fell into bed, and slept for a while. I have no idea what's wrong with me...and am hoping it's the 24 hour flu variety that's going around here. I always have a hard time being sick, it makes me want to cry, and I have been crying so much lately...it just feels so overdone (ha) Plus, I am quite hungry, and every time I so much as move my head, I get sick again...I am typing this laying sideways off the bed. I'm thirsty too...but, I've managed to keep water down so far (yay)

I need someone to take care of me. I need concern. I need soup. I need to sleep...And since I usually try to write my posts the night before, I'm probably needing right now to get off my sick butt, and put in a days worth of work...

Owning your own business is sometimes like having a very young, helpless child.

PS. Happy 10th birthday Ms. Rozzie (I'll post all about that when I get some pictures!)

30 January 2007

My Favorite Shop...


OK, to be all fair and whatnot, perhaps it's not my favorite shop (as I mentioned before) but the one I spend most of my time in...almost daily as a matter of fact!

I opened the shop almost 12 years ago...on February 22nd. And have been going strong ever since. It is a resale clothing store. I also sell any wearable items, such as shoes, jewelry and hats...plus, books, material and vintage thingies of all sorts.

I painted the wonderful sign myself (and really impressed me) plus, all the inside of the shop as well.

This is the view looking in the front door...

To the left of the front...see all the pretty clouds, and stars...and Pillsbury Dough-Boy...The jewelry counter is hiding over there as well...with the lava lamps and blue glass head on it.

Plus, there are bumper stickers and window clings on the wall as well...you can see my cash register (that I collaged) and then put tiny Tibetan prayer flags on!

The view looking towards the front windows of the shop...the Hold Rack on the right, under the other window stickers...

The door leading to the middle room...where the mens clothes are, books, dressing rooms, coats, shoes and vintage rack. I designed the little gargoyle stencil and did a kind of spray "rock" thing up there too...

In the little entry thing on the ceiling is a little painted sun with a mirror in the middle of it, so if you look up, you are the suns face!

All the books...mostly metaphysical, and the shoe room.

The dressing rooms, located behind the rack (of Men's jeans and sale things) under the lights there...and the men's clothes under the Scooby-Doo posters...I know, not a lot, but it's super hard to get men to even part with their clothes before they become unwearable...

The view going towards the front room...yes, I painted the cat in the hat up there, there's also a Cheshire cat on the right with little tea cups that you can't see...

All the fun coats...and vintage whatnot...plus my swamp cooler (yippee!!) I hung up a clothes line above the racks and hung vintage aprons and patterns at one point on it...Looking at this, I realize that I need to hang up something else...it's looking a little bare...yikes!

And finally...a little peek into the third and final room...the Clearance Room a.k.a. where clothes go to die. Ok, not totally true, but I try to keep the stock rotating and fresh all the time...so, this is one of the pit stops...and if the clothes back here stay long enough, they eventually make it to the $1 rack back there...or out to the front of the shop, which has 3 baskets and a rack to hold all of the $1 things...

I hope you enjoyed the little tour...I enjoy being in the shop very much, it has been great fun over the years, and I've learned a lot! I just recently put down a whole bunch of rugs, because the carpet and tile is a little worn, and I thought it looked more rich and colorful this way...

If anyone blows through town...come in and visit me. I am open Monday ~ Saturday and I actually take Monday's off, so if you want to see me...keep that in mind!

29 January 2007

A New Band...

...The Toboggan Dogs

Yes, that's the new name of the band Dina and I came up with this weekend (actually, it was last night in the fit of a chocolate and decaf coffee induced haze) This kept us up until ridiculous hours laughing so much, we slid off the couch with tears in our eyes, holding our sides (something we both really needed after the weekend we'd had) and remarked to each other, "boy, am I glad we don't drink alcohol !" We had just put our knitting down for the evening (good thing, as I think this would have caused many dropped stitches) and started to be ultra silly...I think this all started off as a conversation on how exactly to solve all of our problems/relationships/and what the heck is going on in the world anyway? and ended up as an almost put together album with written songs and everything...

The first Album entitled "Pot Holders to the Rescue"
(inspired by the sweet little crochet book Dina just so generously gave me)

Including such hits as:

  • 3 Cheers For Pap Smears (Dina really believes in being healthy, plus, the music video options for this would be priceless)
  • Toboggan Dog
  • Barenaked Ballet
  • (and one I can't mention, because I don't want to offend anyone...not fair is it?)
  • Plus a soulful balad (because everyone needs one of those...a weepy song) that I can't remember the name of because it was sooo late...but I know Dina will!

We think this would be best presented as a retro 1940's style girl trio, with matching little outfits and everything...starting with the sweet cherry necklace and ear ring set she made and gave to me (to the left, all out of glass beads...soooo adorable...such a bad closeup, seriously, it's my camera!) Dina insists that she's not talented, but that it's OK, because there's always one girl in the group that wasn't as good of a singer as the others. So, we will be holding auditions soon, I'll keep you posted about that...and neither of us play instruments, but I think a full orchestra would be perfectly suited for this endeavor. With the thought of opening for someone like Brian Setzer, and perhaps he would loan us his orchestra? We actually had most of the lyrics written out as well (and who says song writing is hard?)

I'm thinking we could really do something like these girls ...Then again, if we could do something like this, we may be a little more popular with the fellas around town...


26 January 2007


Well, I suppose it's some peoples Friday, it's in all actuality my Thursday, as I also work on Saturdays (if that makes sense) however, thanks to my lovely employee (that would be my mother) I also get to take Mondays off...so, it's a weekend of sorts any way you look at it.

HA! Ms. Fanciful Twist, just did an amazing post about a shop in Tucson yesterday, and invited everyone to post about their favorite places where they live as well. So, Susan, I will indeed post pictures of the shop next week in honor of this...I'm not sure if Snap Snap is my favorite store in town, but it is certainly the one I spend most of my time at. We live in such a small town, there are not too many places I visit with any regularity, unless you count the various thrifts I find myself in weekly.

And the clothes I got in yesterday...what a haul (you should see what I kept myself...and indeed you will soon) I actually ran out of hangars, which I find extremely odd, since I think they breed in the night...so I wasn't able to hang everything up...and since I got such a huge load, it usually unconsciously inspires about a hundred other people to run in with their stuff as well...so the store is certainly stocked to the gills...AND since all the other people ran in with gobs of stuff, they decided they didn't want to take the stuff I didn't buy...which means tons of great stuff for the $1 rack...that is if I ever get enough hangars!

Last evening found me with Dina and Niko, in a devilishly simple plan to cheer the girl up (which kind of backfired, as it included junk food for dinner, and we made ourselves sick) Does it seem weird that her 4 year old sat through dinner saying "The totally chocolate dinner!" I mean, we did not actually have all chocolate...but you can tell what we've been doing lately can't you?

We went back to their pad, and I had a little impromptu fashion show with all the clothies I'd brought home (I needed Dina's opinion on my pile of goodies...to keep/not keep) and knitted and drank tea until all hours of the evening. I alos got a lovely phone call from an old friend (she's not actually old, she's my age, but we've known each other for a long time) and it was nice to reconnect, and plan a little trip in the future. Suz, I totally admire you getting up at 5:15 to journal and have quiet time to yourself...I have been meditating in the mornings for quite some time now, but lately have been finding my meditation position to be: face down in bed...so the act of getting out of bed impresses me to no end.

So...hugs and kisses everyone (especially to the sweet Superhero...today is going to be a better day, and you know I have Peanut Butter Kisses here waiting for you...)

Have an amazing weekend...I'm off to buy another pot of Rubber Cement, as I've blown through the one I just got...for the smelly, I mean, lovely Valentines!
(I know, a whole pot, is that possible?)

25 January 2007

Weird Things...

Well, I'm considering myself officially tagged...as quite a few of the blogs that I read have tagged everyone...So, here goes:

5 Weird Things About Me:

1. I absolutely do not like to wake up to an alarm...I think it's so jarring to be having a lovely dream and bang...all this insane beeping. I tried something different than the beeping and once had a gentle rain forest sound alarm, and slept through the entire thing (all half hour or more) until there was some insane monkey squawking at the end, and I was late. So, I usually (unless I am sooo sleepy) wake up almost every hour if I know I've set the alarm...and certainly wake up 5 minutes before it officially goes off, then I'm more tired when I wake up anyway.

2. I have a slight problem turning left in the car...now this doesn't mean that I turn right 3 times around a block to get where I'm going...but I usually map out a route in my head in town (or wherever I am) so that I do not have to turn left in front of traffic if there is no light. I didn't used to feel quite this way, but one of my ex boyfriends stated one day that "you are a menace to society when you get in a car" and I was a little shocked. I had always thought I was a good driver up until then (as a matter of fact, I don't even remember this guy having a car, so what could he really know?) And ever since then, I feel a little nervous when I'm in the car...especially when I have passengers.

3. I do not like the food on my plate to touch. Nope. No way. I thought it was an Aries thing, as My Pal Amy's mother and brother are both Aries, and we all feel the same way. I take smallish portions and kind of give them all their own space...no sauce or syrup where it shouldn't be...I didn't even eat gravy until I went to college (because the food needed it...believe me) Don't get me wrong, if something is to be eaten with some sort of sauce, I love it...but keep it away from my veggies or salad, or pancakes

4. I don't like horror movies. They scare me. A lot. I can not seem to differentiate between reality and non-reality in these movies. I have an active imagination, and it can scare me when I am alone. I am a little better because I watched the X-files when it was on...but, you will not catch me at a horror movie. I actually remember going to one on Halloween with some friends, and I spent the entire time screaming at myself (in my head) to get up and go to another theater...while I looked at only the seat in front of me.

5. I usually wake up with a song in my head...lyrics running around and around (which makes me need to hear it at some point during the day) This morning it was The Smiths. Which reminds me...I need to find that song...So, I can dance around the living room...

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm off to an early appointment (yes, I set the alarm last night)...meeting someone at the shop that brings the most glorious clothes in (I meet her down there early so that we are not interrupted...the only person I do that for, mind you) and usually spend the bank...if you're around town, come visit...it's worth it!

24 January 2007

Death By...

...inhalation of Rubber Cement and black Sharpie Pens. I suppose it could be worse, but why beat them when you could join them? No, it's not my new plan to not feel anything (can. not. stop. crying.) by getting extremely high (other than getting extremely high...the combination of no food plus coffee and fumes?) but, the beginning of the Valentine's Day Cards/2007 Edition. For friends and family...none of whom, I hope, are chemically sensitive, because these may have to air out a bit folks...then again, I think they may be done so early, they will be a little less...um, fumier?

I am planning a bit of a mixed media extravaganza, and I am enjoying myself to no end...which is why I did not eat...time passes for me in a different way when I am being creative, and sometimes I just do not think about anything else...mostly because it's the start of the day one moment, then 3:45 the next, and well, that's just silly...there is no eating then! Really, that's not brunch or elevenses or anything of the sort...it's just a quick run to the bank, up the hill, and something light for dinner (followed by the darned coffee and chocolate)
I did also get a box of merino from JoAnne's yesterday as well...I know, not as smelly of a creative project...but I was looking forward to getting started on my own stripey scarf...I did not get to go to Oh Knit last night because my mommie was feeling poorly...

And speaking of Mommie:

Happy Birthday!

To the bestest and most wonderfullest mother ever!
(now get well...so we can eat some cake...)

23 January 2007

Arizona is so...

...varied. I've always said that (yes, you can quote me) Not am I only getting such wonderful comments (I do feel famous Dina) but, quite a few of them are telling me about all the snow falling in the state, which includes some of the southern parts as well. I love the fact that one can drive about 2 hours in any direction here, and not only see a complete change of scenery, but a complete change of weather as well...

As a matter of fact, I woke up this morning, threw open the curtains in the bedroom, and thought that it had snowed again, but alas, it was just the shadowy parts of the yard not melting.

And up here, one minute you get snow...the next...dry and sunny...

...and kudos to everyone that is surviving on chocolate and coffee, I've usually been the one to eat well, and lately, I just don't seem to be able to. I swung by Dina's last night to do my cheer up dance (aka: bring us back from the dead please) with a small bag of decaf (I know, but it was after 7pm...Dina remember, you can drink it for breakfast, but it's DECAF) and a little container of the Christmas candy Kisses...I bought a lot of these because I was worried they would disappear after the holidays, which they certainly did (damn that Hersheys) and we both remarked that our mouths get a little raw because we suck on them first, and grind the bits of peppermint around in our mouths...worth it? Most certainly! I suppose I could exercise and eat well...but maybe that's more in the future? Sure.

All right all my sweets...I am off to work in the shop...sell clothes, and make Valentines...I got a decent start yesterday, and will certainly keep you all updated.

As a matter of fact, Dina and I are doing a little personal challenge with each other...we are making Valentines that we can hang up in our houses as wall art, if anyone else is interested, I extend this challenge to you as well...
Please feel free to send me a Valentine piece of art to hang, and I will send you one as well, as a little creative love exchange, leave me a comment or send me an email, and I'll get crackin on your Valentine!

(Ok...I'm off, juiced up on coffee and chocolate...)

(of course)

22 January 2007

Stories From the Weekend...

Wonderful weekend snow indeed...after going out on Saturday night and staying up, um a little late (I kept checking my watch, and it seemed early, until the last time I checked it...after I walked through the door) With a group that included Ms. Megan and the Superhero...I fell into bed.

And awoke to a fresh at-least-inch of snow on the ground...and took a sort of morning walk about town. It was amazing, and not melting quickly...as all the roads were covered with packed snow, slippery to both walk, and drive in.

And...after running various errands, I rested a bit until getting up to go to the hockey game last evening with the Superhero...Not only did we win the game (with not much fighting breaking out...darn) we also got a lovely insulated lunch box for the giveaway (I am constantly winning coolers, it's eerie, I think I have about 5 of them...why are they never filled with money?)...it was Country Western night (yes, the Superhero and I were both a bit nonplussed with that aspect...and he flat our refused to ride the bronco bull machine) AND I got to play the game "Lets Make A Deal"

Where I won this silly little pink Serta sheepie. She's #3, and a breast cancer sheep...I don't know if a stuffed sheep says anything to me about breast cancer...but whatever. I could have gotten free hockey tickets, or an envelope with $$ in it, but I chose what was behind the huge video screen. The envelope only had $1 in it...so the sheep is a fun score...Dina gave us the tickets (eat your heart out Dina)

And, believe it or not, I actually have another Serta sheepie, so they're a couple...

...ahhh, young sheep love.

Then back here, where the Superhero and I sat around eating potato chips and designing all sorts of wonderful vacations for ourselves for the rest of the evening (looks like we're both going to be saving up some money) Oh, and I did present him with his scarf on Saturday night...I thought he looked handsome in it, could be the amazing craftsmanship of the knitting, but I think it may just be him.

I thought I'd answer a few questions that were left in the comments:

Yes, the previous posts picture is a chandelier that I have hanging over my patio table...it is wonderful, and uses only candles. I absolutely love to eat out there during the summertime, and the candle light is quite romantic.

Yes, those are little glass balls hanging in my bushes in the background...I find them especially festive all year round.

OK all...I'm off, it's been a day of spending money and depositing money...bills bills bills, food, errands and creative supplies for Valentines cards....I haven't eaten yet today (apparently that's the diet I'm on in case you're wondering how I'm loosing all the weight...coffee until I get so hungry I want to eat my own arm, then something quick...really late in the day!) And I just went to CostCo and got the most ginormous tortillas I've ever seen...I don't know what I was thinking, they are so big, there's no way they will fit on a plate...so if anyone wants to come over for a HUGE burrito...let me know.

19 January 2007

...And It 's Snowing


Can I hear a resounding Ya-hoo?!

...At least for the forests, and my slowly drying up yard, and all other countryside up here...and all the lakes and cricks...and all the little animals in the wild that need the water (not to mention all the golf courses here) And, for the cozy feeling I get when I look out my window into the beautiful scenery...the urge to make and eat soup and warm comfort food/hot cocoa with marshmallows, and a little popcorn, and turning on the electirc fireplace (hey...I had to improvise as this house did not have an actual fireplace, and I like the ambiance) Spending time in the house snuggling up and watching a good movie (not, um organizing the library...) The thought of going to sleep to hardly any snow, and waking up to no telling how much (and the listening for the sound of absolutley no cars on the road in the morning in my half-sleep, always a tell tale sign)...and maybe just maybe a little secret night time walk to really enjoy the pure joy of the stuff...without having to share it with a crowd of people, or any cars.

...And not for the silly drivers...and the travelling in the white stuff/ice...or the thought of slow business on Saturday...

Never for them.

Have an amazing weekend...

18 January 2007



And just in time, like I said, for the uber-cold snap we've been having...and a giftie for the Superhero...it will certainly keep his neck warm...all merino wool in dark grey and brown stripes (you'll notice that the stripes are at the ends only because there was one skein of grey...and I got a little worried about half way through this project...so I got creative...worried, nervous and creative)

And since he's been sick...and lost his voice (a huge problem, as we are both extreme talkers...although, I have to say, I got to talk his ear off, and tell him all sorts of stuff, with a lot of sign language on his part...gheeze, give me a captive audience and watch out...poor guy, I could tell he was itching to join in...but, I'll talk to a lamp post if you get me started...not that I'm comparing him to a lamp post mind you) but, I think it will come in quite handy for him (the scarf, not the sign language)

I got a huge thumbs up, along with an inquisitive look last night as I was blocking the entire scarf on a yellow towel...my mother told me half way through that the way to get the ends to NOT curl is to slip a stitch off on the beginning of each row, however it was a little late for that...so, I tried my hand at blocking the entire thing. I wanted it to be tight small stitches...and yummy stripes, and I certainly got my wish...So, I will give it to him as soon as I see him next (the incentive that will keep him coming back for sure)

Now, I'm waiting for another bunch of merino in the mail, so I can make myself a striped scarf...although, I think mine will be skinnier and stripier (that's a word) and a bigger stitches, because I don't know if I need to be that patient for my own self.

Until then, I have a hot date with Ms. Dina tonight...dinner and a movie I believe...and I had a sweet kiss from the little Niko boy (on the lips) that made my heart all a flutter last night...I tell you, what is it about 4 year olds? I just love kids...I was the same way when Ms. Rozz used to kiss me (she still does, that's the perk of being every one's aunt...although, she's such a big girl now)...and she's turning the big 1-0 soon...busy making her own party decorations...so creative, I wonder where she gets that from? (No, really...there are a lot of creatives in the family)

17 January 2007

A Fly By Night Post...

...except it's not night, but I have little time before I rush headlong into my day. Meena decided she would relax today in a small patch of sun (I'm sure she's usually busy when I'm not around) such a gorgeous girl.
  • There was a large hole in the floor of the shop yesterday...and no water for most of the day as well...but the problem has been fixed (I hope) and the pipes were repaired, just in time for a potty break, and for me to get a drink of water.

  • I almost finished the scarf for the Superhero...I stopped when I was only 18 rows away...it almost killed me to stop (I still have to block the thing too, because it's super curly) but I was feeling a weird something in my throat...and since everyone I know is either sick or has been sick...I decided not to push it (plus, my finger was getting sore from knitting...I know, weird) and went to bed, right during an episode of Sex In The City (so you know I'm serious) and woke up several times last night to take NutriBiotic (my cure-all...tastes like ewww, but works in an amazing way getting everything out of your system super fast!)

  • OH Knit last night: My mother is obsessed with knitting socks...and has started on yet another pair. Those are her words, not mine, I think her socks are beautiful! She is going to do a different project soon though (she reassured me, and I need to get started on a pair of socks) And Rozzie is up to her usual dancing around self...and playing on the NintendoDS as well.

  • Dina is obsessed with knitting. I'm inviting you (Dina) to come to my mom's any Tuesday for Oh Knit...and bring the boy...because I know he and Rozz would have a great time together...and we never stay up very late anyway!

I'm off...to walk around in 10 degree weather...I hope everyone has a wonderful day...

16 January 2007

MLK Monday...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Martin Luther King Jr. day (however you celebrated) I personally went over to My Pal Amy's house for a lovely brunch...and stayed for a fun afternoon...which included walkies (in 35 degrees...that's pretty impressive! and me noticing that things have gotten a bit jiggly as I haven't been taking a long daily walk...hmmm)

We walked in the neighborhood behind her childhood home...one of our favorites, OK...maybe not one of our favorites...but it does have our favorite house in it! There is this wonderful little southwest home there, with a courtyard entrance...which means, we can't quite see the whole home, maybe it's the tease? Whatever the case, we both drool over it, and have spent a lot of time walking slowly by and trying to figure out what's going on in there...

...we've discovered a hot tub...and some tacky Christmas decorations.We both agreed that people with such a beautiful home, should not be allowed to have tackiness. sigh...we've been trying to figure out how to both own the house and live in it, but I don't think it's going to work out...so, until then, we'll just have to drool.

Although it was cold, it was sunny and cloudless...giving us an amazing view of The Peaks in Flagstaff...somewhere I've been wanting to get to for a while now...damned car!
(I need a new one)

...And close rock piles

...And far away rock piles

And, an evening spent with Dina...knitting...her new favorite obsession! She's doing wonderfully, knitting along...increasing for no reason...finding holes...ripping it all apart...just like me when I started knitting! I keep telling her that it's all a part of the experience, and that in no time at all, she won't be counting every row to make sure that she's on track, and that she will someday be able to wrap this scarf around her neck, and not use it solely as a pot holder!

And if you look carefully, you can see the scarf I've been knitting for the Superhero (I am quite close to being done... and just in time for the real coldness up here) right there by the pillows on the right hand side...

I'm off to the shop...the one with the burst water pipes? Yes, that one...no water for me today...which is going to be hard, as I'm a bit of a water addict...

15 January 2007

Sunday January 14th...


  • Dina
  • Niko
  • Sadira

It was kind of an accidental Creative Sunday...as my only plans were to move the iron bed from the downstairs, into Niko and Dina's house...and into Niko's cowboy bedroom (even though all I wanted to do was have a lie in all day) We, in fact, did the bed moving, in record time...you know how these things are, as you put them off for quite a while, and all in all it takes about a half an hour?

Bed. Check.

New library...soon. I will keep you updated on that development.

We then all went up to the Wildflower Bakery for lunch and got a bit, um, sidetracked at the sales. First it was Bath and Body Works (because I NEED new bubble bath) Then to Victoria's Secret because they were having a half off everything on sale, sale...and well, there's always something frilly a girl needs.

But, the highlight of the day was teaching Dina to knit. She's been wanting to learn for a while now...and I could see the bug start to bite after she got her rhythm down...she's starting off with a scarf, and the yarn is variegated browns and turquoise...really beautiful. Niko also wanted to learn...and occupied himself (and the cat) with some thick yellow yarn...dancing all around the room, playing and showing us how to tie bows. We'll have to get him knitting soon.

I have also been knitting a scarf for the Superhero for quite some time now...no, it's not going to be the longest scarf in the world...I just decided to knit it in smaller tighter stitches...and striped, so it's taking me a little longer than I thought it would. Plus, there's all these life distractions happening (hahaha)

I think I may snuggle up for the 3 degree night we're going to have...get ready for my blueberry MLK brunch at My Pal Amy's...and Oh dear, Forrest Gump is on...one of my huge crying movies...I may have to avoid the ending for right now, it's been such a lovely day, I don't know if I'm up to hysterical sobbing here at the end of it...

14 January 2007


Ok, apparently it is the end of National DeLurking week (and I almost missed it...actually, I thought delurking meant for my readers to show themselves...shows how much I know)
Who Am I? (the esoteric question of a lifetime...I'll just fill you in up till now)

My name is Sadira Kathleen, I am 36 years old, an Aries...I turned 36 on a hillside in Italy on Easter Sunday...apparently the Pope and I share the same birthday. I don't know if anyone sang him Happy Birthday. I have a cat named Meena. I've lived in the same town for 26 years, graduated from the local high school (go Badgers...88rocks!) and went to college in the same state. I have a sister who lives in CA, and visits about once a year, we are 7 years apart. My grandmother, mother and niece live in the same town as I do...I am close with my family, but closer with my mother and niece than my grandmother...she turned 93 this year. My mother and niece both have birthdays this month. My father lives with his wife in CA...he took me on my Europe trip last year...we both enjoy truffles and Paul Frank.

I married the first boy I ever kissed (7 years later) and a sort-of high school sweetheart. We were together 12 years, and were divorced last year. I loved my family-in law, but have had limited contact with them. The divorce was bittersweet, and I don't really talk about it much on the blog...out of respect for my ex, as there were "circumstances" (aren't there always?) and it was one of the worst and best things that has ever happened to me. I lost a good friend...but also ton of weight (see what I mean?). We did not have children, although, I would love to do that with someone very much (and worry that I may run out of time). I haven't dated a lot in my life, and have noticed that I jump in with both feet whenever I do anything...I am usually enthusiastic and excited...and sometimes loose myself (and am wondering if that is a bad thing?).

I am having a hard time trusting myself lately...and have been walking around crying (like the scenes in "Something Has To Give") and have given up ...and am now just letting myself cry (the cat is semi-worried). I am learning how to identify when a boundary of mine has been crossed, and am practicing communicating that with the people in my life (sometimes I'm discouraged) I have a hard time saying NO, and am also learning how to take gentle pauses to think about whether or not I want to do something rather than just saying YES.

I have some really wonderful friends I have known many years, and am thankful for them each and every day. I have owned a fun resale clothing store in town for almost 12 years, and am amazed whenever I think of that fact...I own my 1926 craftsman style house, in a sort of historic district as well...and am lucky enough to be able to walk to work. I love to sew and paint (and am finding myself turned on by flat paintbrushes more and more lately...and feel the need to pick them up and start painting more) and knit...embroider, and love to be creative. I love vintage clothes and fabrics and linens. I love to read. I love Sock Monkeys. I love to take bubble baths. I love to talk to people. I love to dance...and do it often in my living room. I journal daily and meditate to help keep myself balanced...sometimes I talk out loud to God (in between all the crying and chocolate...sometimes during) And sometimes I make sense out of my life...just in time for it to change all again...

Who Are You?

11 January 2007

Last Night...

My wonderful friend Dina called me to tell me that she too was eating chocolate for dinner...so I packed up my goods and hauled myself over there...which seemed like a good idea at the time, until later in the evening we decided that Pizza sounded good too...

We ran out to get some...needless to say that pizza on top of chocolate is not the best combination...but I think we were feeling a little sugar drunk at that point, and there's just no talking sense into two sugar drunk girls (and a small boy)

I spent most of the rest of the evening quite sick.

Although, I did have a wonderful time with her and her magical son...smelling his face and tickling him (the dog licked him, and he informed both of us that she also licks her bum...so he had dog bum face) AND Ms. generous Dina gave me both a pair of bootylicious jeans (actully her goal jeans that for some reason I fit into before her...but don't give up girl!) and a classy little vintage dress...which looks small and I fit into as well...weird. But, I'll take it! (still having some issues with my body image...but, working on it!)

Thank you both for a fun evening...

10 January 2007

I've Got The Dropsies...

Or not so much dropping as breaking.

It's been a rough couple of days around the ole' homestead.

Last night, I accidentally turned on the wrong burner on the stove, and heated my Pyrex teapot up to a nice temperature...then, I set it down on my built in cutting board on the counter (because it was hot, and I was tired of holding it) Not only did it burn a nice little ring into the board, but it popped and cracked into a bunch of pieces.

Then this morning, I was using my hair dryer, and set it down for a minute...and it never started again.


All I want to do is sit here and eat chocolate.

Is that a good dinner?

09 January 2007

A Painter...

...I am not, yet I do enjoy dabbling from time to time.

I have been buried under piles of clothes at work for some time now...although, when one owns one's own Resale clothing store...I suppose they should expect that from time to time.

...as I was texting the Superhero today, I remarked that I needed a vacation from my life...so, I took a mini one. Painting.

I mentioned this Moda fabric the other day, with little heart clowns, that I used for my mantle runner...and I just love it! So, I decided to make these two little clowns from card stock to stand up on the mantle along with my Valentine's Day display...

I sketched them, painted them, cut them out, and upon coming home, I attached little red glitter heart stickers (to match all the red glitter hearts that abound here at home)

I have a theory that most people draw faces that look a lot like themselves...although, if this rings true, I'm looking a little suspicious and smarmy...

And on another note...it's national Delurking week...so why don't you sign up for blogger comments, and leave me a little comment...just so I know I'm loved?

08 January 2007

A Short Conversation with My Pal Amy...

...while at our silly little mall this last Sunday

(set: walking towards a perfume counter with a poster of Nicole Kidman, advertising some perfume or other)

Me: Man, I wish I looked like Nicole Kidman...it's a shame really.

Amy: Yeah, me too...

Me: Well, it would certainly make it easier to look at me...

Amy: Um...not you, you fool...me!

Ahhh...well then.

07 January 2007

Sunday January 7th...


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Well...it's the first Creative Sunday of the New Year! I actually didn't think I was going to have it, as both my mother and Rozzilyn are feeling quite under the weather (in fact, I get to go into the shop on Monday to work) So...it was a little surprise when Amy called first thing this morning...although, not too much of a surprise, as I had already thought of calling her, and we do think along the same lines...

We started off the morning with a nice 4 mile walk at Peavine...ran some errands, and met her mother here for some lunch and painting on jeans. Now, I know what you're thinking...my heavens, who's going to wear those? Well, no one actually...Amy's aunt made a request for the family to decorate and send their old jeans to her so she could decorate a ceiling in her house.

So, we dug out my fabric paints and decorated away. Little cars going to CO., mountains, cactus, music notes, names...and all sorts of little pretties! I still don't know how she's going to put these up, or what it will look like, but I made Amy promise to send a picture when she got one, because I'd certainly like to see it!

And last night after dinner, I decided to get working on the Valentine's Day mantle. They have the most wonderful $1 glitter things in the bins at Target...which match all my little red glitter bird ornaments (which are really for Christmas...but they look all lovey, so what the heck!)

Plus, I made a new little mantle runner from the most adorable Moda fabric that has little vintage looking heart/clowns on it. The figures are so cute...I was thinking of painting and cutting out little stand-up figures to put on the mantle as well...maybe some vintage Valentine's cards too? I'm not sure if I have any laying around (or where the heck they'd be) but I thought that would look cute too...Right now, there's my copper statue of Pan (the one from Pompeii) up there until I can figure out exactly what direction I'm taking this in.

I'll keep y'all posted on making those figures and whatnot...I'm feeling a little sleepy after all the exercise, so I think I'll put my feet up and stare at the walls for a bit...seeing as I have to work an extra day...Plus, I don't want to get this stuff that's going around!

05 January 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

The holiday gift giving to me was spectacular this year! I received, things I really wanted, but never thought I would in a million years even get. I can't let too much time past before I share the highlights with you...

First off comes lovely presents from Dina and her little family...The vintage dress at right came to me with the sweetest pair of black lace heels...the dress fits me like it was made for me...the heels would require me to chew off my toes to get into...sigh.

...And from my artist in her home (because apparently he wouldn't sign his name to her card and wouldn't let her sign his) this amazing picture he colored in himself. And if you look really close to the right side of the house, you will see there written...his name. Not only is this a signed piece of art...but his first signed piece of anything! That's right, the first time he's written his name on anything, and I've got it on my fridge...can I tell you that it makes me a little misty everytime I see it? It reminds me of the first time I got something from Rozzie with her name on it...I am so proud of Niko...and in awe, as always of his talent.

...And this totally amazing book of vintage knitting pictures, also from Dina. Can I tell you I was howling and crying reading this? If you knit, you must find this...it is a scream! Not only does it have all these lovely patterns in it, but the commentary is priceless...

Like...who sees these lovely knit chicken outfits and doesn't wish they have kids? I tell you, that's got to be the best motivator for having children I've ever seen...thank goodness I've waited so long to have them, can you imagine if they were too old to wear something like that? What a tragedy that would be!

And...while looking through the book with the Superhero...we came across some pretty wonderful matching knitted separates...I mean, we look great now...but how great would we look if I whipped up some matching fringed vests or ponchos?

There are a million more pictures in there that are equally as wonderful!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, in case I don't get back to post...


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