17 June 2008

Look Ma! I'm Using My Degree...

After being out all day Sunday enjoying the beginning of another amazing Arizona summer, Rich and I rushed home to design a very special invitation (OK, there may have been a little rushing to eat dinner as well...) This is the invitation to his very first Photography show...and if I don't have your email or your person here in physical proximity to me...consider yourself officially invited.

This was a quick
design job I hammered out onto about 6 pieces of paper before I was satisfied with the wording...easy huh? Well...the basic layout had been in my head for quite a few days...when I realized that we should probably make some extra invitations, so it was pretty easy for me to make it real.

You know what I realized as I was all scrunched up on the couch of the Airstream in a fit of creativity?
  • gawd, I love layout and design
  • I am creative (I've felt a bit stunted lately)
  • I adore making invitations
  • Rich and I make a great team
We really do. Here I was working everything out on paper...and he actually stood up, walked over to me and said, "look at us...working at our creative things...we make a good team"

That's a relief.

A huge relief as I don't know the layout design program for the Mac (or any computer, as I'm terribly old school and when I got my degree, we used a lot different methods, that didn't involve computers at all, but more things like Xacto knives and glue and light tables [lord, I wish I had a light table.] I mean, computers were invented, sure...but we didn't use them for layout and design...which is probably why I still adore cutting up pieces of paper to make art) So, after hammering out a rough mock up and basic design, I sat next to Rich at the computer table pointing with a pen (he looked a little nervous that I was going to mark up the Mac screen, which I would never do...but, he may want to invest in a laser pointer for future projects...oh, could you just imagine what I could do with a laser pointer?!?) and waving my arms around and saying things like, "...I want this to look like that" - "put this here" - "Take that away" - "make this smaller/bigger more red..."

Drunk with power.
(I was like a creative director...dreamy sigh)

Oh wait...there's no I in team is there?


Sorry Rich...I guess I'll have to learn that program (thank goodness he's such a good sport and so easy to work with) The final result was certainly worth it...you should see the invitations all printed out on paper...

Oh yes, I love layout and design.


Tonya said...

Wow! What a talented team! I'll really try to be there, I'm driving less and less into town... damn gas prices. Great invitaion.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, I remember those days...zip-a-tone, zip-a-line, and zip-a-text for layouts... Aren't computers wonderful?

Mytutorlist.com said...

Hehehe, you and Rich are so cute!

flutter said...


sulu-design said...

I'd meant to tell you that the invitation looked fabulous. I only wish I could actually attend...


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