18 June 2008

Ahhh...The Blog...

(I want to state up front that if I owe you a phone call, I'm sorry...I am too busy being a single mom to my inner child, enjoy these pink flowers instead please...it seems as if I'm a day late and $1 short with budgeting my time lately)

Since it seems as if I've been going non-stop for quite some time now, I'm thinking of sending out a monthly newsletter to my friends about whats up in my life (you know? Kind of like one of those catch up Christmas letters people send out?)

Oh wait, I kind of do that on mostly a daily basis already anyway don't I?

Ahhh...the blog.

Is it too much to expect more than a 15 minute time stretch in which to make phone calls to people? Apparently so, for I can't seem to find one...it's annoying. And when I do get more than 15 minutes, my brain seems to switch off to what it is that I need to get caught up on, either that or some version of my childhood self jumps into the middle of the room with arms crossed and foot tapping and whining in a voice I always hate to hear a child use, "I want to watch TV!" or eat some form of candy, or have a glass of wine. (this is not to say that I encourage underage drinking...I just take her hand, and put some M&M Peanut Butter in them instead...there's no need to break into the pile of dusty wine bottles that are littering the kitchen floor...I mean, "wine rack")

(you know, someone told me how clever I was by using the red planter turned snack holder into a wine rack not too long ago...I didn't have the heart to tell them I needed a place to lay down all the wine I insist on buying [damned CostPlus wine sales] yet hardly ever drink [I am apparently an ADD alcoholic...I just get distracted when it comes to drinking it] plus, I think my friend had been drinking and who am I to throw such compliment back into someone's face anyway...I hate to burst people's bubbles about my creativity in the home)

(Plus? Now I always have a bottle of wine to take to someone's house when I go over there...not that I remember to do that, but it is a wonderful idea...one that helps me sleep at night...which I haven't been doing in a deep sort of way for a while now, maybe I should break open a bottle...)

See? See all that parenthesis talking up there? I'm like a giant aside to my whole life right now. I would never in a million years complain about having my amazing life...never in a million years want to give up one ounce of fun or the incredible people I get to be with on a daily basis, but lordy...there's this part of me that wants to not feel so darned guilty for pushing the ignore button on the phone because I know the person on the other end of the line is going to want to catch up, and by catch up I mean, let's have a 2 hour phone conversation.

There isn't anything in my life that is going on that I even want to repeat anymore...sometimes I feel like I'm just a stuck record until I can figure out what comes next. For instance, my high school reunion is coming up next month, and I don't think I'm going to make it (nevermind it's being held right down the street from my house) I've been going back and forth since I realized that it's this year, and I got the paperwork in the mail, and frankly? I think it's too expensive. I wouldn't go out to dinner for that price (even for food I could eat, and I'm sure that there won't be any on reunion night) and I keep thinking that I could stay at a nice hotel, or pay for a tank of gas and travel outside of the town...and have a "get-away" or have another of the cat's teeth pulled (I also recently had a high school friend admonish me because I haven't put my sordid personal details/pictures on Classmates.com. I was like, "dude [cause I'm all 80's and whanot] Dude...Google me...I have a blog, if you want to know anything that's happened to me and what I think about it, and the pictures I take to express it...I've been blogging about my personal life for more than 2 years" there just isn't space to do that on Classmates) and besides, here I am a business owner in the same town I grew up in...

If you want
to reunite with me, come in to Snap Snap...better yet,

sign up for the monthly catch-up email newsletter I've got going...


I mean, read the blog.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I've never been to a HS reunion. I was going to go to my 25th (even bought the plane ticket!), but I broke my foot. Air travel didn't sound like my cup of tea gimping along with one good foot.

My 30th is coming up...Doubt I'll make it either...

Oh, and we won't talk about HS pictures... We're talking the 70s here...(YIKES!)

Let's just say I didn't blossom until I was in my late 30s.


thatgirldina said...

Wanna catch up?! haha! That was a joke. BOY! Can I relate! I can't wait until Friday, just so we can actually see eachother. Sheesh! It's been runrunrun since last weekend and I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. I do hope you are able to stop, breathe and take a few moments for yourself. Oh, and if you need some help consuming all that wine, you know where to find me. ;)

She sure is strange! said...

You know, I coulda skipped my 20 year reunion and been juuuuust fine. But I didn't and it was lame, just like I thought it might be. However, my husband hired one of my brother's classmates, a lovely woman named Becky, and she keeps me up with all their gossip(2 years behind my class). They just had their reunion so she was showing me pictures. I've neverseensomanysluttywhoresorfatbaldingmen in. my. life. Her class certainly did NOT age gracefully like mine did(haha).

So go if you need a laugh. 20 years was easier to get through than the 10yr. Everyone was still snotty at our 10 but more mellowed out at the 20yr. Are they having any less expensive thing at all? Our class had a picnic and 2 dinners and Becky's class met up at the high school for kind of a meet and greet for the families.

Molly, who is so tired of fences she could scuuuureeeem!!!

Blue Dragonfly said...

I think we are both better off for not going and spending our well-earned money on things we really want more for our lives, like you mentioned. I soooo understand your posting, especially with a little one. I am so thankful for my blog because it really leaves me with the feeling at least that if people in my life DO want to know what is going on with me (or at least my son), they can look there. Then at least, I'm not responsible for getting back to them. Hey....but what about what they are doing? I forgot about that...well, they need to make their own blog, so I can look when I want! :) I'm so glad you have this!


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