11 June 2008

The Phone Call That Changed My Life...

(ok...perhaps that's a bit dramatic...but...)

Yesterday morning,
while on the phone with my sweetie (who is in the pre-throwes of becoming a famous photographer...even as we speak here on this blog) I got a beepy-thing...or more of a "blerply-eep" kind of all quiet and sneaky-like.

It made me raise my eyebrow...

I was confused as to if it was something that was trying to interrupt my current phone call with my artist-boy...because it was kind of a week sounding beep, if it was one at all. So, I quickly said an, "un-huh..." only to throw off said artist-boy, and let him know that I was still listening to him, but really I had the phone about a foot away from my face, while madly punching buttons to get the screen to light up, and see if there was something on the screen or not.

There was.

A text alert from Dina.

So, I pushed the "view it later" button and "un-huh"-ed my way back into the animated discussion still going on via cell, it was like I never left...but, I couldn't let the text drop from the back of my mind because it was 7:30 am...and the fact that I had received a text from Dina that early might constitute an emergency. This made me barely able to participate in the conversation that was still going on (which I hate to do, because talking to the photographer is one of my favorite morning activities) So, I let him know what was going on, begged a moment's pause and viewed the text which read:

R U up?


And then sat on my hands and acted all jittery until Rich said, "why don't I go get a little more ready for my day, you call Dina, and I'll call you back.." (the fact that he knows me so well, is yet another reason I thank my lucky stars he's in my life)

Phone Conversation:

Dina: Hi...are you up?

Me: Yes...gawds, I had the most awful day yesterday (insert random personal things here)

Dina: It must be going around, because I....(insert other random personal things here)

Me: So, what's up?

Dina: I'm booking the Hotel...we're going on our weekend together, we're making it an annual thing, I need a break...

Me: Yeah. I'm in.

Of course, with all the time we have left until we get to depart from Prescott to Scottsdale...we get to take part in one of our funnest rituals of planning a trip...The what will we do when we get there? scenario...This takes place with conversations on the phone and in person and rapid fire emails and texts...and of course, making some kind of count-down banner for my side-bar...

Come on August.


flutter said...


Tonya said...

Oh goodie! I'm so happy that the time has come again. I'm excited to know all the details!!

thatgirldina said...

In order to add even more torture to the wait, I added a cutie little countdown ticker to my sidebar. Just in case you lose track of the days. 53 more to go!

Eeeeee! Lemon merangue martinis....cute new panties....cosmetics! Oh my.

Wende said...


Sorry to yell, but I think a ROAD TRIP deserves it.

Why aren't you headed my direction. heh.

On second thought, considering my weather, I should come to you.

Love the S/P in the post below.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Hahahaa!! You had me on pins and needles!!!! LOL!!!! Sounds like a blast!!! xoxo

Gadget said...

Famous photographer? Really? That would be cool!

Anonymous said...

road trip! OMG, I visions of the movie Sex in the City... Are cosmos involved...

Famous photographer? Cool! I can see it!



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