05 June 2008

The Spoils...

Yes, yes...

Souvenirs for ME!

From Bookman's way up in Flagstaff...acquired with some long standing credit I happen to have just laying around waiting to be used...I grabbed these 2 new vintage books.

A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband

With Bettina's Best Recipes


Chock full of wonderful and fun stories about a newly married couple, in all of their bliss. From what exactly to have in your pantry handy (6 cans of pimentos, and a box of pickled herring...who knew?) How to by a refrigerator or Washington's Birthday Plans...Plus? The pictures are just priceless, and include all sorts of cute dancing little kitchen cherubs (along with the happily married newlyweds of course)

The Universal Cook Book
Bridge How To Play
What To Serve

*With Advice To Housewives


Also with wonderful recipes, and directions on how best to plant things by region, the most economical way to use meat, the best way to can and serve vegetables...and of course, how to play bridge, and what to serve while doing it. Rich actually found this book to be fascinating, as he'd never seen a universal cook book, so I told him I would grab it and he could borrow it at any time.

Maybe we'll have a bridge party over at the Airstream?

As you know, I totally love vintage cook books...and just apparently swoon at any housewiferly advise. You know, just in case I get married again, and really want to please my husband? I'm sure having 6 jars of dried beef and 12 cans of peas and 3 pkg. marshmallows on my emergency shelf is certainly going to do it...well, that and being able to make creamed tuna on toast to serve while we play bridge...

Areas I most certainly went wrong in previously.

Found at Rollies Camera in Sedona, possibly the best camera bag ever invented. Oh yes...The Mighty Crumpler outdid themselves this time:

  • Mustard and Red exterior with black highlights
  • An amazing graphic bird design inside
  • A matching bird graphic velcro cover-up (for those who are worried about making a bunch of noise while out photographing...I will now be attempting to make some of these for Rich's Crumplers so he can be his stealth self and true to his Indian name...walks quietly with camera shooting many HDR pictures of nature and such)
  • An embroidered bird watcher on the side (as the inventor of this bag and company, I believe is an avid bird photographer)
  • A larger inside storage compartment
  • A larger front storage compartment
  • Limited Edition

I know I just bought the other one, and Love it dearly...but I also know Rich has had his eye on it for a while yet, and proposed an interesting idea once we reached the Titan...which resulted in him purchasing the bag from me so that he has both a smaller style and one that matches his other bag perfectly...

So, in case you're keeping track, we now own the 4 million $ home, the 5 million $ home, and the 6 million $ home...and what looks like the start of a great camera/baby bag collection Because I'm totally standing by my statement that these bags would indeed make the perfect baby bag...

Or a good bag to keep both your drugged out cat and her syringe pain medication in...she'd just adore watching the birds fly around

(damn hallucinations)

(pictures of TheWhistler were taken from Crumpler's website...thanks guys!)


TomboCheck said...

That first book seriously made me think it was a kamasutra book at first... guess I just have a perverted mind. :)

That bag is totally you! Still stealthy-ninja-photographer style, but bright and cheery at the same time. :)

If you start making velcro covers, could you make one extra? DaNece decided to keep her crumpler, but still hates the velcro. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bag! :-D)

bleeding espresso said...

I think I got a book like that first one at a flea market a long time ago; I'll have to see if my mom can find it....

And that bag is *awesome*!

Design Diva said...

Love,love,love Bookmans!! I've been married three times so I'm telling you the marshmallows on the emergency shelf might come in handy. I am considering buying a big fancy camera just for a bag like that.


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